Friday, July 09, 2010

Buy From Tesco

in the bathroom..

JD: mami.. you're a boy. I am a girl. *teasing*
Me: oh.. if you're a girl. What is this? *point at his tingtong*
JD: this is kukubird. Buy from I-K-E-A wan.
Me: Ah? buy from ikea? Hahahahhaha
JD: yeah buy from ikea... No No..Actually you buy me from Tesco.
Me: haha tesco ah? Then titi leh?
JD: also buy from tesco :D
Me: haha

If can buy kids from Tesco, how nice eh?


  1. hahahaha....hinting you to go fro shopping? What a cute boy and answer.

  2. i also wanna buy one more girl.. dont know tesco got offer or not..

  3. why tesco ah?! hahaha

  4. mnhl: yeah maybe he wanna go kai kai

    reanaclaire: hahhaha yeah yeah if can buy i think many will go and buy edi ..

    beii: haha better choice compared to gi@ant or C4?

  5. I prefer Tesco to Giant :p

    Yes, good if can buy from Tesco. Better still if they have the 2 weeks return policy thing. Tak ngam can change another 1

  6. Eh? I don't mind buying a kuku, from Ikea or Tesco also don't mind. I'm not brand conscious. As long as can make me pee like a man. Go Jayden!

  7. I also want to buy so I dont have to go through the pain... don't mind if got no discount also.. hahahah

  8. Haha .. so cute ..

    If kids could be bought from Tesco .. how much would it be priced at :p

  9. if buy from Tesco, meaning can return within dono how many days?

  10. Made in Ikea and buy from Tesco hehehe.. such an innocent Boy

  11. buy liao need to assemble ourself gar?
    assemble wrong liao how?
    can refund?

  12. JD really got a creative mind wor....guess inherit from you. :P

  13. Yeah, I need a refund! hahah...