Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The story about "fall in the longkang"

Once we walked over a big longkang (drain) and I told Jayden..

Me: I need to carry you or you gotto hold my hand and you need to listen to me. If not then you'll fall into the longkang and then I cannot see you anymore.
JD: ooo fall in the longkang then cannot find me edi?
Me: Yes. Inside the longkang got cockroaches, got rats, got many dirty things and they will bite you and you will die you know?
JD: okay.

So when My maid was sent off:
Jayden: Where is ning cheh cheh?
Me: She went home edi.
Jayden: No! she fall in the longkang edi!
Me: Nolah.. she went home
Jayden: No.. She fall in the longkang edi.

When my niece wanna go back to her own house:
Jayden: Uwaa... I don't want jasmine to go. I don't want Jasmine to go!
Me: No.. she need to go home. Cos she need to go to school ma.
Jayden: No! Jasmine fall in the longkang!

So from that onwards, if anyone or something is missing, everything is Fall in the longkang.

The End.


  1. muahahahahaha.. another funny post from you again. Sasha, JD is so cute. I always love kids talk, is really nice but sometimes you will 'slap yr forehead'.:P

  2. A good lesson that taught us shouldn't give wrong information or unrelevant interpretation to kids.

  3. hahaha... u er.. longkang is six feet underground meh...

  4. LKB: yeah he is funny

    Sheoh Yan: i gave wrong info ka? haha true what if he fall into the longkang, of course i cannot see him anymore cos he is so tiny and true also got cockroaches, long time no one find him sure die right?

    Reanaclaire: haha i know.. its damn weird.

  5. So reading your posts.

  6. Falling into longkang hahaha...funny la your post

  7. hhahahahhahahha...Jayden oh Jayden!

  8. hahaha!! he's definitely got your humor genes leh :-)

  9. told in msn! XD kesian everyone kena bite by cockroaches and tikus and everything and die :(

  10. Hope he doesn't hv any phobia of longkangs.

  11. Haha..pass by your blog by clicking the blog list from other blog.
    So great to have 2 such cute kids.
    Envy envy..haha..
    Love to hear more news from you..