Thursday, July 22, 2010 scarry!

Was in centrepoint just now. Jayden went for his class and I thought "hey why not give myself a treat while he is in class?". So I went for pedicure. While doing my pedicure, I continued to design with my macbook on my lap.

I was the only customer with the boss and also a staff. So we're chatting and chatting about so many things. And then we went to this topic about missing kids. First we mentioned about Nur1n and then N1sha. We said "aiyah this one missing for so long edi.. hard to find la"

and guess what happened?


one of the glass on the floor suddenly shattered-Broken-in-to-pieces!

And all of us just went .............................

And then no one said anything.

I continued to design.

The sitaupor continued to eat.

and the staff who was sitting next to the shattered glass continued to colour my nail.

Then I said very softly.."Hou cher hor........" (very freaky)

and the sitaupor said "hai lor....."(yeah) actually what happened? How it got broken?"

And the staff said " I dunno. Suddenly just pecah"

And no one moved an inch.

I said "okay.. don't talk about that anymore. Maybe someone don't like the topic"

and the sitaupor said "yeah....this NEVER happen before"

and all shivered. I started to rub my body cos my hair were standing already.

it's just too scarry cos nuthing happened until we talked about that topic. Seriously......*hair standing*


  1. yerr....really so cher ah!

  2. looks like you found one of them??? :D

  3. oh! Maybe the glass had been cracked leh? Just a coincidence?!!!

  4. eerie... am getting goosebumps..

  5. er...maybe we should organize a hunting trip for the little girl near the place u did ur pedicure...who knows?><

  6. like the tv series Ghost Whispered :)

  7. OMIGOD!!! i got goosebumps. so, no one clean up the broken glass ah?

  8. okayyyy..... it's almost midnight now... think I quickly go to bed already...

  9. Hi, maybe that store haunted...
    or a rat knocked it over?
    But can imagine you having goose pimples, ha ha.
    Have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  10. Why lah like that one, may be it was not a good topic,the disturbed spirit was not happy at all,lah.

    take care now ya and have a good weekend

  11. after finished reading your post, really hair standing loh :I

  12. I think it's a coincidence only la. If you wait 5 mins, talk again and another glass breaks, then really eerie lor...

  13. Wey scary la!! Especially reading this alone at 1.21am!!! I hate chiu!!!!

  14. Ooooo....I have LOTS of spooky stories. Last time, my Mom's place, the kitchen floor tiles ping-ping-pang-pang all cracked open in one long curvy line, as though an angry snake glided through it. The length of the crack was 15 feet, loud noise & there were about 10 people in the house that witnessed it. Now my Mom's kitchen floor have different coloured tiles where the explosion happened cuz couldn't get back the exact same colour. Aiyo, so many stories. I shud start blogging about them...

  15. wah! lika dat also can... So cher man..

  16. My hair also stood up just reading this. Scary lerrr...