Friday, July 16, 2010

The story about neh neh neh...

was at ikea rest. just now, just started to eat and justin was  sleeping in my sling.

Suddenly jayden say Mami i want to go sheeshee NOW!

so how?

So i turned to my nearest neighbour and said "Can you pls help me take care of my food here, my son need to go to the toilet" and they gave me BIG SMILE. I said "pls, make sure they don't clear up my food". They Gave me BIG BIG SMILE and nod.

So I quickly ran to the toilet with my kids and came back. When i  sat down, I said thank u and they looked very surprised but Nod Nod again.

Then I realize..they talk sodesneh..neh neh neh.....they are japanese.

So i think they dunno what i said ke neh....and luckily no one clear my food ke neh..

The end.


  1. say ng say...i thought you are referring to different neh neh neh

  2. hahahahhaha..i have the same thought as Rachel!!

  3. haha
    so weird
    How come no one clear the food geh?

    In their heart, they must be saying:
    What was it this lady said?
    Why she seemed like emphasizing about something?
    All Malaysians talk with such emphasis?

  4. LOL, Now only I know this post is about sodesneh story... hehe

  5. U r lucky the food were not cleared off. Else, when u returned and they gave u a bigger smile, what will you do? hehehe....

  6. hahhahaha!so they dun look like they're from 'so des neh' country?hahahaha!

  7. hahahahha. you cannot tell by their face that they are japanese?? :P

  8. I thought ah neh neh tim :)

  9. LOL That's wat I'm afraid of when eating with the kids alone, w/o any helper ard. Ppl ard u may not be much of help, altho they give u big big smile. :D

  10. alamak! i also thought it's nen nen :P

  11. I had the same encounter last time when I was eating with my 2 children in a restaurant.

    Ordered food then one say wanna go toilet. Some more don't know whether the restaurant let me go without paying. But the waiter was kind enough to allow me to leave and come back. :)

  12. not haik haik haik meh? yeah, i thought your kids wan neh neh in ikea...

  13. hahaha....really funny!!! I cant imagine if it would be me handling 2 kids alone.

  14. funny everyone thinking of nen-nen....that's why, I learn my lesson many times already. Before makan, everybody go toilet first. Also, I always bring stroller cuz I've been stuck bad before!! And I had stomache ache so bad & couldn't go toilet! Cheh-cheh-cheh! But even if go toilet first, still can ask to go again half way. Then how? Nasib la.

  15. Aiyoo.. tis always happens to me when I'm alone with the kids ke neh... !! Hahaha!