Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mini Me

in jaya grocer..

Justin : *picks up cucumber and throw into cart*
Jayden: eh no...don't do that. Put it back. *put back cucumber*
Justin: *pick carrots from cart and throw it back into the display shelf*
Jayden: eh no... nooo nooooooo don't do that. *pick up carrot and put back into the cart*
Me: *wondering : why sound so familiar wan?*

In the car...
Justin: mami.. i want to eat biscuit.
Jayden: Justin. No. you go home, then eat rice first. Then only can eat biscuit okay?
Justin: No. I want to eat biscuit now.
Jayden: No cannot. Eat rice first okay?
Justin: Okay.

Then I realize that Jayden is a mini me. As in the way I speak. The way I will react.

Truly, I am blessed to have him as my first born. Cos he helps me to take care of Justin, entertain him, play with him, sleep with him while I am working. He is independent, sometimes too independent (for example washing his own bum after poop but not clean enough). He seldom makes me angry, in fact I don't remember when I seriously got angry with him. He is just such a sweetie and I appreciate every moment I have with him now before he gets really big and start to look at girls :P


  1. how sweet of him, Sasha... mothership by example... great! training starts from young...

  2. Oh sweet, Jayden is such a good boy.

  3. He he he, cute kids!

  4. Sounds an awful lot like my 6 yr old!..He's my God-send, entertains and looks out for my youngest whilst I'm busy. Mind you, he teases his sister (the middle one) and she screams like mad and then I scream at him....oh well. can't win them all.

  5. Jayden is such a good boy. My son always make me lo hei.

  6. Wow Jayden is really kuai lah!!! Good training, mum!

  7. Jayden is a good kor kor. :)

  8. hahaha.. I got one mini me at home too.. It is so funny to hear they talk like an adult, somemore the tones also sounds so much like us hor..