Monday, October 11, 2010

Popcorn and Coke

We're at the cinema the other day for Sammy's Adventure. Before the show started, the kids started eating popcorn and drinking coke. I saw Jayden sitting so comfy, so I spoke to him.

Me: Jayden, you like popcorn huh?

Jayden: Yes. I like popcorn.

Me: Do you like popcorn more.. or titi more?

Jayden: Titi more.. *sip Coke*

Me: Then what about between Titi and Coke? Which one do you like more?

Jayden: ermmmmm Coke.

Me: O.o then between Coke and Mami leh? (in head: aiyoh u better not say you like coke more i tellyiu....)

Jayden: Mami! *big smile*

Me: *phew* then do you like Coke more Or Dadi More?

Jayden: COKE!

Me: hahaha okay...


  1. mummy still more important than his coke and popcorn. :)

  2. Haha. So the first prize goes to Mami, followed closely by Coke, Titi and kesiannya lastly Daddidi. lol

  3. Was undecided to see Alpha and Omega n Sammy. At the end I choose A&O. guess what...less than 5 mins we were out of the cinema :(

    so u on cloud add more coke n popcorn for JD?

  4. Yoohooo mommy's the best. How was the movie? Feel like catching it this weekend. You went for the 3D?

  5. Mummy will always be in his heart always n forever...

  6. hahahaah! good answer!

  7. Sasha, how you find the movie? Plan to go after the girls' exam.