Friday, September 29, 2006

My Itchy Hands...

Yeap. Me and my itchy hands. I changed my blog address already and i can't switch back to my old one.I don't know whether it will affect everybody who linked me in thier blog. If so..errr welcome to my new blog??? And please change my blog addy in yr links???hehehe

Worlds Local Bank

Yesterday ard 6.50pm.Maid mopping the floor in living room.Sasha and Jayden playing in the room. Suddenly... *piiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt**pit**pit**pitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt**piiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt**pit**pit**pitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt*

Maid : Ah Moi! Ada Olang!!!!
Me : Yes.
Boy : Kenapa Tadi Tak Jawab!???!!!*angry*
Me : Huh?
Boy : Tadi!! Tadi!!!*angry*
Me : Jawab amende????
Boy : Tadi saya datang. Tekan Tekan Butang. Ding Dong Ding Dong. Tak Jawab!*angry*
Me : Sebab Takde orang kat rumah.
Boy : Ada!! Tadi Dia ada ..*pointing at maid*
Me : Dia Tak Dengar la..
Boy : Mana Boleh! Dia nampak I. Dia pegi Sembunyik!*angry*
Me : Bila u datang? 5 minit tadi ke??
Boy : Ah! Yelah! Panas Tau! Tekan tekan Panggil Panggil tak Jawab Jawab! Pegi Sembunyik lagi.*angry*
Me : Eh . Tadi saya pun ada kat rumah. Saya pun tak dengar you tekan loceng?
Boy : ADA! Pintu pun bukak! 2 Anjing kat dalam rumah.*angry*
Me : Tak boleh jadi. U datang pukul berapa?
Boy : Pukul Satu la.*angry* Panas tau!
Me : Awak biar betul. Saya baru balik nie. Petang mana ada orang kat rumah. Pintu mesti la terbukak. Anjing saya nak berak kat luar la.
Boy : Tapi saya nampak dia. Dia nampak saya. Lepas tu dia sembunyik.*confused*
Me : Eh, awak ok ke? Die bukan I punya full time maid. Dia baru datang. Datang pun 2 jam aje.
Boy : Ye ke? ooooo *shy* tadi panas ma.

The boy was here to deliver my hubby new credit card. He is working for teeee&teeee courier and representing the Worlds Local Bank. The manners so local.. Obviously he was lying about seeing my maid in the house. She cannot access my house unless i'm at home. or maybe he saw....*jeng**jeng**jeng* a ghost?
And its not problem that he gotto send documents on a hot sunny day? He should've studied better and work in a bank instead..right? Puasa puasa la..not my problem that you gotto puasa..don't have to be mad at people for not being at home..morever the delivery supposed to be address to my hubby's office..

*sigh* complain to the bank?
*sigh* waste energy la. like they're gonna improve... Malaysia is liddat ke lar...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is a funny one!

This is also a funny one..taken while I was on my way to work this morning..I think the owner owns a renovation company or toilet company. From here we know that he loves his toilet bowls and hand wash basin. He even mount some on the tree..Happening..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Will Miss You..

Finally my hubby's old house in DJ is sold. Abit relief, but abit sad also. Don't know why. Then my sis in law reminded me the reason when she replied my comment .."Sasha, ya lor. That was where you and my bro first "pak tor" hor? ;-) " hidden meaning ka? Why got " " wan? hehehe

Yes, that house is where I first paktor with my hubby every Saturday. Why Saturday only leh? Cos I was going out with him secretly without my parents knowledge. Sunday must stay at home and pretend like don't have lurve life ma... heheh They're very strict..all girls school from primary, No tuition classes for me cos my dad saw a guy talking to me on the first day of my class, even up to college. How did i meet my hubby? High-tech ma..Through internet know that chat place called ?

Anyway, that house is also where I first met my MIL. My first session with her is my haircut session. She was a homebased hairstylist. From that day onwards, I do not need to pay any money for haircuts. But I know she's not very happy with me cos I overheard her asking my hubby "where's the previous one?" "Where is SM?" a few times when I was there.

I was chubby then..57kgs. Then I went to the gym but nothing happened. And finally when i stopped going to the gym, my weight dropped to 52kgs. My MIL asked me .." HL told you I said you're chubby so you went and loose weight ah?" my hubby faster faster turn away...then only i know..she don't really like me cos I was Chubby and have a notty face (like smoker,drinker,clubber and play girl type-Don't judge a book by its cover ya-I'm not).

And she loves to cut my hair. So my hair never grew longer than my shoulder. Always BOP style...and one day she decided to perm my hair. So short how to perm leh? But MIL wants to perm kwai kwai sit down and perm hair lor..End up like a cabbage head..and the best part was....she asked me to take a bus home myself after that cos she want my hubby to driver her somewhere. A trick or what..that I don't know..but nevermind la..

Most of the time when I'm there, she'll be in bad mood. I don't blame her.. she was sick. And most of the time, i pity my hubby cos he gotto take care of her here and there and do all the housework during weekends. She'd ask him to drive her to Sect 17 to buy kicap, SeaPark to buy Pork and Oldtown to buy vegetables, all in a day time. That's why I love this guy so much.. cos i know he is very loving and he is very patient. Patient is patient..but sometimes he will cry in his room, cos he is tired and sometimes MIL will scold him for nothing and take it out on him. In order to lessen his burden, I'll go to his house on Fridays and help him to clean the house so that he can rest on weekends. (nice leh? hehe)

But then MIL health deteriorate and got worst. She was hospitalised many times..few times she was about to pass away..I told her to wait for Laura's birth.. she managed to hold on.. another time i asked her to wait for my BIL's wedding..but the last round I didn't ask her to wait. I guess she suffered and waited enough..

My last conversation with her was at the hospital. UH's nurse is very garang wan..After the nurse changed her bedsheet, she came out and asked for her family member. Hubby was away to buy something. So only me available. Rupa-Rupanya she want me to "clean" my MIL. I'm already used to it cos I used to take care of my grandpa last time. MIL didn't know it was me...when we're done, she turned around and ask "how come its you?" and she was quiet for the whole day..Another time i massaged her and she didn't know it was me too..And on her last day..we all stood by her bedside and she called my name.."MW, you come already ah? So nice to see you.." and held my hands.. and i told her "auntie..yes I'm rest la..". And before I left the hospital.. i told my hubby.. "I think your mom won't last till tomorrow"..i can see it in her eyes..the same look as my grandpa before he passed away..And true enough...12++am my hubby called me and said that MIL passed away peacefully.Her funeral was held in Buddhism way and there's a gold lady bug always hanging around her coffin...So pure and gentle and I know she was a nice lady, kind hearted and bubbly. It's only her sickness that made her grumpy.

So now I can say its not because its the first paktor's because I met my MIL there and shared many precious moments together with her there...and I'm glad I get the chance to meet her before she passed away. And I will always miss DJ house cos I will always miss you MIL.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Me a SAHM?

Sometimes I just felt like quitting and just be a SAHM. Working life to me now is like so dead and I cannot go anywhere...can't go up...can't go sideways..can't go another company. Somemore changed dept ..job function is like so dead...and sometimes so busy cos gotto help my old dept to clear some shit...direction also unclear..sometimes report to my boss..sometimes my boss ask me to report to another person same level with patient..wait till Jayden is at least 1 yr old...then I'll change there any job where I can work at home? Any recommendations?

Being a SAHM means I have to depend solely on hubby's income. Every month just ask him for money...But then when I think again..if I stay at home and wait for my hubby to bring back money for me every will make me feel like I'm so useless and like so dependent on him. Every month also put out the hand and ask "where's my Kar Yung?" then he will show me his "Hokkien Mee" Face...(very imaginative hehe?

Not saying that SAHM are useless's just me. Maybe I'm those ppl that likes to make my own money and spend my own money buying things that I like. With my own money I don't need to ask permission to buy things and do things.It's not like my hubby is stingy..he buy things for my handphones..I have never pay anything for all the phones I used to have. Lately during our trip he bought me a camera. (Thanks babe :))

But then hor.. ppl say although wifey is working and earning her own money..husband should also give allowance, correct or not? Working mums..your hubby give u extra allowance or not? I've asked my hubby before how come he don't give me allowance.. he will say "got ler".. but never give...Hmmm

I have thought of it before..If I'm a SAHM, I can have so many plans for my baby..what I wanna teach him this and that..Cook and all..But I think I'll go mental if there's no maid. Before getting a part time maid..we used to do everything ourselves. We have a ShihTzu(BoBo) with bad attitude...a dog that loves my hubby so much and he wants all the attention.If not... he will pee on things in front of you! And I have another ShihTzu-my baby girl(CaCa) that wants me to groom her and carry her all the time. Although our house is very small, its time consuming cleaning it during weekends. I nearly went mad! That was before Jayden arrived. Can you imagine if there's Jayden, BoboCaca, my hubby and myself? Can you imagine the havoc? hehehe

But then hor.. If i have another baby (not in the near future-some ppl know why) then I will seriously consider to stay at home...with a maid. Cos the amount of money that we pay our babysitter will cost us a bomb. If only my MIL is around..but she's no longer ard and my mum is far away from my house..if not then it'll be much more easier and cheaper..hehe (so bad hor?)
*sigh* for now..if i wanna feel like a tai tai, i'll just take leave and lay on the bed doing nuthing..go for urut....and enjoy that few hours alone. But when it reaches 6pm, I have to wake up and be a maid my son!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Holiday Updates!

As plomised this is some holiday pikture to share with you guys... Don't wanna write alot about the holiday. It's just a small getaway..Flight ticket sponsored by AirAsia.

We celebrated Jayden's 6 months old happy day in Langkawi. And yesterday he went for his Hepatitis B Jab. As usual..never cry and continued to disturb the paed and played with the toys on the bed.

Weight : 7.5 kg. Not thin Not fat.
Height : 53.5 cm. Shorter than supposed to be. But grew 2 cm taller since 3 weeks ago.
Hair : Growing longer Mohawk style.But not growing more.
Eat/Drink: Sweet Potato, Porridge, 8 oz of milk every 3 or 2 1/2 hours.
Can say :
*Da..Di..Da..Di... Now you guys know why his Dadi switched from being Papa to Dadi la..he said his son calling him Dadi wor..hehe. But Mama also need to changed to Mami wor..
*MeMeMeMe Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if I goes missing
*AyayaAyaya Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if he wants milk.
Can do :
*Can put 8 fingers into his mouth.
*Can turn in a few seconds time or as soon as his body touch the ground or bed.
*Trying to crawl..lifting butt and one leg at a time.
*Throw things so that his maid (Mami) will pick it up for him. Sometimes the toy can land on his head like this..

Observation Part 2.

Was reading all yr comments while I was away using my hp. But cannot write or reply comments..*sigh* Anyway..i have somemore to update.Try and look around in hypermarkets..damn alot to see..

Observation 6 -Tangan Sibuk
Was in the new hypermarket in USJ1.Alot of ppl..Once you reach the dry food section..(u know where they place the red bean,green beans and the spice spice place)...sure these ppl will put the hands touch touch the beans, korek korek don't know what. Every single type of beans..*yuck*. I was there observing these ppl,was there for about 5 mins and about 10 ppl already touch the stuff.. so next time..don't buy the open-displayed items..but the one in packets!

Observation 7 - Free Tasting.
In hypermarket Kelana Jaya.. It was Rambutan Season that time. Uncle and Aunty want to buy Rambutan. So try try try try try try try try try try and try samo...and uncle can say "not nice wan hor???" reaching for another rambutan...then aunty say "yalor...not lat-kang wan.." and reach for another wan...And itelyu another secret..this uncle and aunty is CHINESE ppl..damn memalufying betul!

Another case is where the parents opened the food for the kids and pretend like they're gonna pay at the check out counters. Some will do that and some won't. Such a bad time the kids will go and open the food.. and give back the empty plastic bags..

Observation 8 - Test Drive
Many time the parents will let the children "test drive" the toys. Especially Bicycle..They will ride ride and ride..bang here and there and leave the bike at the fruits and vegetable section. That's why all the toys in hypermarket cannot buy cis its cacat-ed ones!

Observation 9 - I also want that!
Have you seen ppl stealing from other ppl's cart? I've heard from my relatives that there's one time that 2 aunties was arguing..why? Cos one of the aunty took Nescafe from another aunty's cart. This happened before paying a..So the reason is... *jeng**jeng**jeng* "I'm lazy to walk back in and take this pack of Nescafe". Like that also can?

Observation 10 - Kids on Lap while driving.
Hmmmmmmm As mentioned by Nyonya, driving with kids on lap is very dangerous. Ahem! Not everybody is Britney Spears okay? I know some mom will drive with bigger kids on the lap but what I saw is something special. Was at the Sunway Flats long time ago.. I saw this dad carrying a few months old baby while..sitting in the passenger side. Nothing wrong right? But guess who's driving? His small girl..Barely can see her head. I observed's a small girl..about 11-12 years old. Maybe dad want to train the girl to drive so dad can sleep while travelling and the girl can take the wheels..hehehe

Observation 11 - Flying Fruits in Highway
You will never miss this one when you're travelling north or south. You can see fruits skin flying out of the car...rambutan la..duku langsat la..*sigh* luckily no durian skin!

Remember I've mentioned before that I hate ppl that don't know how to line up. Well, I was away for holiday last week. While Q-ing up to go up the plane..This bitch came and cut my line..Just right in front of Jayden's stroller..Niameh!

Okay..let me introduce..

Sei Pat Poh (Bitch)...with Sei Pat Poh Husband (Bastard) and Sei Pat Poh's Daughter (???)= Fuktard Family.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Blog Break

Tomorrow onwards I'll be away. So today I wrote 2 posts..
See U again on Nest Monday 25th.

My Observation

My hubby asked me .."Why all yr posts also complaining about other people wan". It's written edi in my blog description that this is the place where i BlaBlaBla ma...Samo my hubby is like the censorhip board..the bad post about him cannot put up..this and that.Cannot talk about him, takkan always talk about Jayden. So talk about other people lor...


Anyway..I love to observe ppl..everywhere i go. Not that i'm "8" but sometimes i just wonder why these ppl is like this wan...

Man holding baby on left hand...and guess what he is holding in his right hand. CIGGARETTE! So Stupid....Puffing away and the wind blow to the baby's face. Don't love the child can give away.. no need to kill that baby slowly ma.. You die later...but he die first wo..

Ppl wit big cars and have a window on top of the car. Kids enjoying themselves by sticking thier head out..*action la*. So dangerous!!! What the F is wrong with the parents blain? What if they suddenly break or pass by something low enough to cut off the kids head? Must wait until something happen only say.. "i shouldn't have...". too late already that time..

This happened few weeks back when we're in BU. No parking as usual so gotto park in IBM tower. Some jerks with older kids just don't know how to respect people.. KNN..don't know how to line up and samo purposely come and stand in front of Jayden's stroller! Samo the biatch mother can ask the son and daugther to "masuk masuk " abit in. WTF..end up we have to wait for another lift! Another mommy lagi pushed in and hubby left outside...while the door can hear the daddy saying. wait for me "there"...mommy say "where? i don't have handphone!!!". So poor thing. I can't wait for Jayden to say this to thier face:

Yo Yo..Aunty... Which sch you study last time? You don't know what is Line-up?

Happened when we're in a claypot rice shop in DJ. Aunty's grandson running around in the shop...Hot Claypot is everywhere...Indon Maids walking around .."Kwan sui..Kwan Sui..Panas..Panas"... So dangerous la! Sekali kena the head.. if not turn gila gila also, the face setengah masak edi!

Samo the kid can come and play with Jayden..Aunty said.. "fleng kicc la ah boy..fleng kicc".HUH??? What Fleng Kicc? Friend kiss??Frech Kiss?? ooooo Flying kiss...The blind lead the blind.. hehehehe *pengsan*

I really learn from these ppl...

Last Friday...

Last Friday while feeding Jayden guess what happened?

He fell asleep while eating his sweet potato!
He didn't even finished his food..
Anyway...can someone tell me whether this purple sweet potato is good for my boy?
And can anyone share some baby food recipe...nice nice ones..

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Son's Weird Behaviour.

Last time i posted this... You must be thinking why the mother so liddat wan..
teach the son to swear..
Itellyiu..It's not liddat..
my son got weird weird behaviour..Like this..

Drink Milk can arch the body like dat wan...
Or like this...

Sleep must tabik tabik like this..

Or like this

And more of his finger...

And like This

And the way he suck his chut chut..Pulling In and Out.
And also like this...

And he just love it when i kuci kuci his ear liddis..

Mr Bean Banned!

First, let me introduce you to my niece. "Jasmine say hi to all the leng lui che che and leng chai kor kor first".

Hi Leng Chai Kor Kor And Leng Lui Che Che!

Okay Why Mr Bean is banned my my sis's house leh? Because...the story goes liddiss..Happened before i got married...

Jasmine : Mai Mai (youngest aunty in hainanese), after you get married with L Kor Kor ah..
Me: Ya.....
Jasmine : U all will go to sleep together..
Me: Ya...*blush*
Jasmine : Before U go up the bed ah..
Me : Ya...(OMG where are we going edi??) *blush*
Jasmine : You all will take off your clothes..then you kiss kiss and go up the bed...
Me : Where u learn all this?
Jasmine : Er...i see before. Oppsss NO NO NO I see from TV!!!!!!! Don't tell MAMA!!
Me : *whisper* Oi ah cheh, I think Jasmine saw u guys what what u know?
Sis: Huh! No Way!
Me : She say after married, before go to sleep must take off clothes, kiss kiss and go up the bed. She said she saw before but then deny it and say she saw in TV.
Sis : JASMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine : Yes Ma.
Sis : What you told Mai Mai?
Jasmine : *teary eyes* Nothing Nothing.
Sis : Don't lie. Tell me what you saw??
Jasmine : *teary eyes* Nothing Nothing.
Sis : Tell me where you learn it from??

My sis very the stubborn wan and damn fierce. So Jasmine would rather sacrifice her favourite show than tell the truth. Will die wan u know...Poor Jasmine and Mr.Bean. Everyone also know Mr.Bean loves himself to have yamade action in his cartoon leh???

Okay, remember in my previous post, Christina said "Don't get naked in front of your kids". To me getting naked in front of kids is nothing la (not when they're older..plsssssss) but never never never yamade and let them see!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our Investment

While lying on the bed the other day..I took my pay slip and tear off the sides...konon nye like wanna see what's the difference between this month and last month la... then ...

Mr Chan : Aiks So fast get your pay slip ah? It's the middle of the month only wor...

Me : Wei..with my so efficient secretary..u think so fast can get pay slip. This is last month punya la. WAH! I got Pay rise la!

Mr Chan : Ya Ka ? Ya Ka? Good La!

Me : Dream on....Aiks now only i know my pay is XXXX.XX.

Mr Chan : Cos you don't bother when is pay day and dunno how much you get. Anyway...*grin* I got a pay rise!

Me : Why am I still working my ass off when you're getting so much higher than me?

Mr Chan : XXXX enough meh?

Me : Well at least if I stay home then we can save money on babysitter la.. this la..that la.. I'm working now to pay off my his bills..and only get a lil for myself to spend every month.

Mr Chan : No. It's different . He is our investment. He is our future.

Both looked at Jayden and he look back at us...

Yes Mimi. For my future.
I will love you and Dadi Forever...
I plomise you..I study hard hard...
And grow up to be a good boy...
And then when i meet a girl, I will lap her as much as you guys and maybe I will love her more than you guys, marry her and leave you guys alone! HeHeHe

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Those were the days...

Yesterday while I was swipping my card to go back home..Another girl also swiped her card. But she's different. She's holding a BIG bouquet of flowers. If i'm not mistaken its a tulip bouquet.*action la* Then I went home..rushed like mad so that I can bath and pick my boy up before his nanny starts to gimme me "Hokkien Mee" face again.While I was walking home with my son..i looked opposite my house. Man..the girl who's staying in the house has got her flower bouquetsssssssssssss dried outside her gate..and once in a while.. I'll see her bring home new bouquets. This girl is only a student.

Jealous? A little bit la. If I say I'm not jealous you also don't believe la right?

Anyway...I had my "fun" time and my "princess" moment before. Even before I started dating my hubby..all I need to do is just to point at anything I like.(but I'm very stupid wan..only point at cheap cheap things). Big Big Teddy Bear, Cards,Watch, Clothes, and blablabla...If i point, I'll get it tomorrow. So after that we started to date and the gifts and cards slowly disappear..slowly..slowly..then after 7 years of dating..we got married. First anniversary stil got card la.. but then errr....

Now...go near near to the flower and say "very nice hor?? when you wanna buy for me???" with big grin also you won't get it. But one thing la.. he did buy me flowers (orchids) from Thailand Airport when he came back from his company trip not so long ago. That's probably I have complaint a lil bit before he went off la..

Anyway, what I am trying to say is...why things must change after ppl get together for after a long time leh? Why can't remain like pak tor pak tor time leh? Maybe some guys will say, "of course la.. Your body also never maintain like Pak Tor time what!" But what makes you.."yr belly is not like what it used to be when pak tor time also what!" muahahahha

I looked at my parents and other old couples. Some still so loving holding hands at old age. Some cinapek young young ones also dun wanna hold hand like my dad. He commented before "what's wrong with them. Like the girl cannot walk by herself.Why the guy must hold her hands?If never hold hands will fall down or die ka?" So unromantic langsung!

For me..I wanna hold hands with my hubby although I'm carrying Jayden in a baby carrier in front and baby bag at the back. I still wanna give him surprises and hopes that we celebrate our Dating Day, Our Registration Anniversary, Chinese Wedding anniversary or whatever day la. But no point clapping hands alone right?

*sigh* how i miss the pak tor time.. those were the days la..

To the girl that's staying opposite my better cherish all the gifts and attention that you're getting now..After married..You can just look at the dried flowers la. Coz you won't be getting many many of that no more.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today i wanna Bitch about...

Today i wanna bitch about someone. Actually I want to tokkok about someone. My department secretary. I also wanna give her an award. I wanna give an Award for :

  • Slowest Secretary of all secretaries in my entire company.

  • Laziest Secretary.

  • Greediest Secretary.

  • Oldest and Horniest Secretary around.

  • The Secretary that used the most make-up but still look like this. What's the point anyway???

  • Every month also everyone gotto argue with her you know why? Because she refused to order mineral water for us! Like the blardy money belongs to her! Our dept ordered the most can drinks to serve suppliers/visitors but we don't see it anywhere. Cos why? She need to smuggle it home and feed her anak-anak tiri. Bugger...everyday can see her sipping the can drink at her place...kena diabetes baru tau!

    Then samo hor *8* just got married again (YES AGAIN! For 3rd time). She tot she got a goodie goodie husband. But she cannot accept the fact that the guy only want her money. She's till paying Ah loongs for her 2nd husband's debt.Stupid woman...

    Then hor..*8* whole day do nothing. Just sit there and yak yak yak on the fone. Call the husband 100000 times say what ? "Baba..Baba I love you. Baba sayang Baby Tak? Baba buat apa tu? Ye la..Baby Sayang Baba jugak..I LOVE YOU BABA . I LOVE YOU". Like her husband got some memory problem or something like dat..cannot remember that the wife loves him! Diu....

    Everyday just sit there and don't move at all. No wonder hor the damn 9 big la. If she's walking around then she will bitch bitch and bitch about other ppl. CT and Latuk K la...say ppl damn old la.. Better than you la. At least ppl damn rich la. You leh? Gotto let your hubby eat "slipper rice".

    Samo...suspect she's pregnant wor...happy lor. Waited damn long edi..Good! But wanna fully utilise the company's benefit. Pregnancy Kit also don't wanna buy from outside. Wanna wait till come to office and ask the company's doctor to check! Stupid or not? Ppl check whether pregnant or not early in the morning. By the time come to work already what time? stupid...

    Last time when i first came back from maternity she damn syiok. Cos see see i'm chubbier than last time. This is what I wrote about her in my previous blog "I want to shut my department’s ICI DULUX WEATHERBOND (if you know what I mean..) secretary’s mouth..who keeps saying .. " gained a lot of weight huh? Dulu u sliiiiiim aje kan? Sekarang..*sengih sengih*…while eating non-stop like there’s no tomorrow…PIG!" See now dare to say or not!
    During my maternity she can call me and ask me what I'm giving them back if they give me angpow for my son. Stupid Bitch. Damn greedy! Where got ppl ask questions liddat wan?

    Feel like her! 8 Poh!!!!

    *deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

    Okay! I'm edi...Thank you for reading..Back to work again...

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    My 8 Poh Coliks

    After reading my previous blog, you must be wondering how come there’s so many 8 Poh’s out there. Come let me convince you, there’s many in my company. Extremely banyak…
    Lunch time is a very personal time for me. Most of the time I’ll just pack and eat at my desk or sometimes I go out. And I do not stick to a lunch gang. But one fine day, I don’t know what got into me, I followed this group of chinese girls out and they went to this makan place in Kota Kemuning. So, makan makan makan, another gang from our company came-the Brand Team. So, stupid me….i went and said..:

    Me : You know I saw J yesterday in Ikea
    S : OMG! With Who?
    Me : With K.
    S : OMG! What are they doing together?
    S : What are they doing that time?
    Me : K Choosing curtain rod. J standing behind.
    S : Got hold hand or not????
    Me : No. One stand in front one stand behind how to hold hand??
    S : How come you see them ah? They saw you or not?
    Me : Jayden was kacau-ing a I turn around and saw the girl standing next to them.
    S : So How How? They Malu or not?
    Me : What for malu? Nothing unusual la. Frens also go to Ikea what. They said Hi. They carried my son for a while and cabut la.
    S : Nolah. Normal Frens don’t go Ikea. Cannot wan.
    S : Yalah! Samo choose curtain wor..sure GF and BF wan.
    S : Bla Bla Bla
    S : Bla Bla Bla
    S : Bla Bla Bla
    S : Bla Bla Bla
    Me : *Continue to makan and reminded myself that I'm an idiot and shouldn’t have said anything*

    K = Supplier, B’s Mistress of the company that’s serving us.
    J=Brand Manager
    S= Many many someone

    A week later…a brand manager came and told me this.. "You know ah..I went and ask J whether he knows K is B’s mistress or not? Hahahahaha J samo said he know wor..and he went to investigate..but the girl say she’s not his mistress wo..So Stupid! Everyone also know she’s B’s mistress!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHHAHH You say funny or not?"

    At that time…I cannot feel my heart pumping blood anymore. I asked her.. "why you go and ask him liddat".She replied.. "Cos YOU said they’re pak tor-ing ma in Ikea.YOU Samo said they're holding Hands in Ikea!"

    So 2 weeks later do you know what happened? K asked me out for makan. During lunch.( I was thinking to eat Japanese food cos it’s been a long long time since I ate Jap Food) she was basically nagging and scolding me for telling the whole world that I SAW HER IN IKEA WITH J. For goodness sake..Do you know from a simple sentence "I saw J in Ikea" it can come out to so many stories. So takkan I kena framed like dat also I keep quite after lunch I came bek and wrote this email…

    Hi all,
    This is just to inform you that K HAD APPROACHED ME AND QUESTIONED ME ABOUT SOMETHING. Thanks to SOMEONE...

    She said that she heard ppl saying :
    SASHA saw J and K in IKEA.
    SASHA says normal friends cannot go to IKEA
    SASHA saw J and K holdings HANDS in IKEA.
    SASHA say J and K is a couple/going out/dating
    Sasha say B is getting divorced.
    SASHA says K is the 3rd party. a.k.a MISTRESSSSSS

    DID i lost my memory or something or SOMEONE just don't get it when i said " I SAW J & K IN IKEA. FULLSTOP."

    Since when did i say They're holding hands??? What i remember was SOMEONE asked if they're holding hands but i said NO, COZ K was choosing some curtain rod or something and J was standing behind her. How did i see them. I didn't purposely turn my damn face to look at them. My son was "Kacauing" a girl who so happen stand next to them. So how the hell did the story goes like " I SAW THEM HOLDING HAND" when the last part /explanation was so damn long? You Tell me?

    And didn't I highlighted that normal friends also can go to IKEA. This SOMEONE think that normal friends cannot go to IKEA. I said i always go out with my guys friends last time. What's the farking problem, you tell me? Friends cannot go to IKEA meh?

    Bugger...and who the hell said "I said that they're going out". If i know they're going out, i won't be asking "J GOT GF RIGHT?" cos i heard he sometimes he goes to play badminton with you guys and seems to be very free cos his gf is busy. THEN why the hell did i say that "J IS GOING OUT WITH K?". This SOMEONE must have some hallucination or some blain (brain) issue. BIG TIME!

    And since when did i know that B IS getting divorce. Why the hell i want to 8 about whether that guy is getting divorce or not? The hell with that statement la. The rumours about her being his Mistresss is like berzaman zaman already. And do i really CARE? NO...for what ? for fark ah? THIS SOMEONE also very happening, B want to get divorced also she/he knows. GOOD. Thumbs up. Toes UP. LC up and everything up. You're the best la.
    And i didn't know that our office people is so CARING. Have to go and ask K whether she is dating J or not cos SASHA SAID you're going out. *DIng**Ding**DIng* WTF! Have you taken your Mental Medicine yet???

    I guess SASHA's name is so nice and easy to say. SO have to put SASHA's name is every god damn SENTENCE that got to link to that 2 person.
    SO Human, listen or open your eyes BIG BIG

    Question : How SHE saw?
    Answer :Because her son was disturbing a girl who so happen stand next to them.
    Question : Are they holding hands?
    Answer: No cos K was bending down to choose curtain rod( or something like that)
    and J standing behind her. Both carried my son. Chat for a while. And left.?.
    Question : After that
    Answer : That's all

    The rest we leave it to SOMEONE's imagination. And if SOMEONE now wants to talk 3 talk 4 or tokkok, read again from top to bottom. Read properly and think before that SOMEONE wants to bitch about others but likes to use other ppl's name.

    This statement and rumour should stop immediately.
    Who cares whether they're going out or not.
    Even if they go out, what's wrong, both not married, both not attached,both young and single, one is male and one is girl so what's the farking problem???
    (but i choose not to speak about that anymore.thank you)
    And if you happen to hear anybody talking or spreading more rumours. Ask them to shut the F up and give them this...

    cos they farking deserves it .
    Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

    So what happened after that? NO ONE SAID a word. NO ONE. This mail was even directed to both the J and K. They also didn't dare to question me after that. The brand manager that laughed and said that she ask J about it..came and give me 2 movie tickets. Others all smile when they see me. Nowadays they still ask me out for lunch...better not. I feel safer in my lil cosy corner..thank you very much...i rather eat lunch with my computer at least its straight forward and the result wont be added with salt and vinegar.

    Friday, September 08, 2006

    Saya Mau Komplain


    Today I wanna complain. I wanna complain that other ppl complain that I never breastfeed. I wanna complain that other ppl say I'm so free to create a blog for my son.I wanna complain that ppl say I'm loosing weight and will be slimmer than them. So as summary, I just wanna complain about the mothers in my office who's indirectly saying that I'm not as good as them.

    This woman in my office. I don't know whether she's having problem with her long term memory or what. But every single time she sees me she'll ask the same blardy question
    • You still breastfeeding? (No.for the 100th or more time edi)
    • WHY? Why don't breastfeed? (Because my son don't want.Not I don't wanna give)
    • You stupid la. Buy so expensive breast pump but never breastfeed. (at least i exclusively BF during my 2 months, expensive so what? can fully utilise during first 2 months and keep for 2nd one.Got money to buy Zara dress but cannot spend RM300 for B Pump?)

    I wish i can print out the answer and stick it to my face whenever she ask me the same question.

    Then she always wanna compare her son with my son. "Let me see your son's picture". Then I'll ask her to go to his blog to check it out. And her never ending questions goes like this..
    • HUH? You created a blog for your son? (
    • What the hell is a blog??". Then when i finally teach her how to go to Jayden's blog..she'll say...
    • Huh? Must log into internet only can see ah? So Mah Fan.. (only a few click also mah fan. Walk up the blardy staircase to pump breast milk not mah fan..)
    • How you do this? (like this la)
    • Very hard wan ah? (masuk internet also mah fan, of cos this is hard for u la)
    • Wah you have alot of time meh to do this?*sarcastically* (cos i'm smart can click very fast)
    • You use camera to take all these pictures ah? (No, camera fone)
    • What? Camera Phone Only? Why mine cannot be as clear as yours wan? (Because mine more changgih..DUH)
    • Why you go and take pictures of him like this? (because i like la, cannot a?)
    • Why you go and take picture of what you eat? (because i like la, cannot a?)
    • Why his hair like this? He got no hair ah? Why he so bold wan? (Because lil hair la)
    • Why you never shave him? I tell you, you sure regret one if you never shave his head. (because i like la, cannot a?)
    • I got no time like you to do all these nonsense. *click and close browser* (because i'm fast, and its not nonsense. I like a, cannot ah?)
    • Come and see us play netball after work. Why? Why cannot? Why have to rush back at 5.30? Ask your husband to take care of your son. (bugger cos i'm not like u, can leave yr kids at home with a a new maid samo.You think my husband no need to work a)
    • Eh where got warehouse sale sell babies things? Huh? So far! I don't wanna waste my time going all the way there. (then don't ask if you don't wanna travel..better do own warehouse sale in your own house la)
    • Blablablablabla...

    Another woman ask..

    • How come you loose weight so fast wan? (because i loose weight faster than you la!)
    • If you slimmer than me how? (What do you mean IF i'm slimmer than you? I'm already slimmer than you already..)

    The answers in ( ) is what I have in my mind when I politely answer her questions...


    Life is so interesting when you have so many questions to answer everyday...

    The Panty Incident

    Okay. Since I’ve wrote about Daphne. Now Christina’s turn pulak.

    You see, Christina was a new mom and her baby was about 6 months old that time. This Christina is also another funny girl…same like Daphne. Christina is a very shy person and she always say to us, “ never go naked in front of your kids. It’s bad influence!”.

    So one fine day, when I was busy designing a newsletter early in the morning. Christina came and kneeled next to me and the conversation goes like this ..

    C : Sasha. You have any of those left over door gifts ah? *whisper*
    S : Yup. Why? *whisper*
    C : Faster gimme. *whisper*
    S : Why? *whisper*
    C : I cannot tellyiu. *whisper*
    S : Then I don’t give you. *whisper*
    C : Ok ok. You don’t laugh ah.. *whisper*
    S : Ok *whisper*
    C : Like this..i was getting dressed this morning…and my baby was sleeping. Then suddenly she woke up. I was so scared I wore my skirt straight away. After dat gotto rush off to come to work. When I was on my way to work..then I realized… I forgot to wear my*whisper* PANTY *loud*. You say funny or not? Heeee heee haaa haa heee hee haaa haa (she’s laughing louder and longer than me, samo asked me dun laugh)
    S : Funny la u. Nah take this.

    And this happened a few times. Christina was so afraid that her baby which is a girl accidently see her private part. You think the baby will ask “mummy why u have feather duster wan?” meh?

    *shake head* Christina..Christina..

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Semalam I Mabuk

    Yesterday I went to Damansara Village for dinner again. This time they introduced the all-new Drunken Pot. Additional ingredient to the existing yummy soup, some Chinese wine, ginger, Dong Guai, Kei Chee, Black Fungus and some more..Forgot already. Sorry, this time no pics..

    So as usual eat eat eat like a far okay. Then when I was on my way back home...then it started la. The world is like spinning around and I felt so happy...hehehehe

    Jayden was already sleeping in my arms and I find it so hard to carry him..Like he is so heavy.
    Got back home..Straight to bed with Jayden. Then he woke up and starts to toss around. OMG..It’s so hard to take care of a worm when u're drunk!

    Then Papa came to the rescue...and took him away..So Mama can happily float to wonderland...

    And then I started to dream.

    In that dream I was trapped in a room with my grandpa. My grandpa had passed away for 6 years now. But in that dream I forgot that he is dead. And outside our room..There’s a ghost wandering outside..waiting for us. KNN so scary...

    Then Jayden cried.. and half mabuk I gotto wake up and pat him back to sleep. Then went to bed again...

    Then I dreamt of the same dream again! This time is blardy ghost is scarier! And I still forgot that my grandpa is a ghost also. Jayden cried again. Wake up..And sleep again.

    Mahfulat...the Ghost came again..This time it looks more furious! And then I realized something...I turned around.." Ah Kong..I thought you already died..?" and he replied... " Actually yes, I’m already dead". Freaking Scary..woke up again! Then struggled to go back to sleep.

    This time I dreamt that I'm at my work place...writting blogs, reading blogs and also doing my work at the same time. Then my stupid supplier's email came and that's even scarier than the ghost..Cos they're so DUH. Then my alarm clock rang.

    That's why today I'm so tired more Drunken Pot for me...very kau. But seriously..Veli nice ooooooo...

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    The G-string Story

    Maybe only a few of you guys know that I used to work for an undergarment company. Yes, I used to work for an undergarment company and yes...the "Ultimate Bra" story is real. We can see and we know what size and what type of bra ppl wear when we see them. Terror or not?

    So like the movie, we're all the guinea pigs to try out the bras and the panty. Yes the panty oso.

    For bras, we gotto wear the bra and show it to our merchandisers (girls la..and straight ones). As for panty, sometimes we'll wear a G-string and wear the panty over. But for G-strings, it's different story. We gotto go back and try (with a piece of plastic on it like the swimsuit) wash and give back to them. And most of the time, i always kena cos mine is the most popular size...*sigh*

    So I have this colik, Daphne. She refuse to try any G-String. She keep on saying that G-string is painful and always makes her wanna go pee pee. We never ask her to try anymore after that.

    Then, the new season's design came and we of course gotto start to plan on the catalogue and so on. For easy referrence, I've asked Daphne to use a mannequin, put on the bra and panty set and take picture of it.

    And when I browsed through the pictures later..i found something unusual. Then i understand why Daphne refused to wear G-Strings and said that its so painful for her. No wonder la...

    This is how we wear G-string..


    You imagine Daphne wear the G-string terbalik, front and back. Of course painful la!


    Ini cerita betul betul punya bukan rekaan semata-mata mau buat orang ketawa.



    Okay,before you guys continue to read this..i just wanna say i don't really agree with some of the stuff here. Got this from my junk mails. So for those who don't agree, please dun *shoot* me ya...hehe

    For all those men who say, Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free. Here's
    an update for you: Now days, 80% of women are against marriage, ?WHY? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage.
    Men are like....
    1. Men are like ... Laxatives ..... They irritate the crap out of you.
    2. Men are like.. Bananas ....... The older they get, the less firm they are.
    3. Men are like ......Weather ... Nothing can be done to change them.
    4. Men are like .......Blenders ...You need One, but you're not quite sure why.
    5. Men are like ..... Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.
    6. Men are like .... Commercials ....... You can't believe a word they say.
    7. Men are like Department Stores ..... Their clothes are always 1/2 off.
    8. Men are like ......Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature.
    9. Men are like .....Mascara . They usually ?run at the first sign of emotion.
    10. Men are like .. Popcorn .... They satisfy ?you, but only for a little while.
    11. Men are like Snowstorms .... You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.
    12. Men are like ........ Lava Lamps .... Fun to look at, but not very bright.
    13. Men are like Parking Spots ........... All the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped.

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Yes, I went shopping again..

    So? Nyak Nyak Nyak..

    I went to another exhibition again. This time its Mummy and Me exhibition in Midvalley Megamall.

    I went on the last day. Expected alot of people and alot of things. But it's quite disappointing. Maybe cos its the last day and it's like ending of the day. So alot of booth also empty....BUT....i still managed to buy something for my Jayden Boy. Jonas Jodie sleeping sack @ 50% after the discounted price in the website!

    No...this is not Jayden. But he looks as cute as the boy sleeping up there.

    Anyway, we got lotsa free gifts like this....

    No..i'm not the typical type of "aunty" that goes all the way to get all these free gifts. I wanted to buy the cereal for my Jayden but it's only for display. But Drypers are for sale la..but it's "not so cheap" la. And the Magazines are backdated magazines..but cares. It's the article inside that I wanna read ma.


    I'm beginning to feel bored..why ah? Maybe its because of the haze or I'm just too busy at work. Since I've been transferred I should be damn free. But I still gotto help my big big boss to sweep others ppl's shit. TNS, everything also naik harga except my pay and gotto do double job.


    Mattel Warehouse Sale!

    Time to stock up for birthdays and Christmas!

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    I got Tagged!

    Finally i'm free to tokkok abit here. Damn 9 busy at work this morning. Alot of "shit" to sapu. Anyway..i got tagged by Nyonya! So, I gotto write 6 facts about myself...

    At first i tot .."easy sap sui". Then i think think again...kantoi...i cannot that's the first fact about myself : I'm very forgetful about certain things. But i never forget if someone pissed me off. My tagline "Forgiven but not forgotten". Don't believe...ask Mr.Chan...

    Fact No 2: Sometimes I screams when I'm gardening. Why? Cos i hate WORMS!!! That's why i cannot enter Malaysian Fear Factor. Cockroaches,lizard,frogs,snails no problem. I can kill them anytime. But not worms!

    So yesterday i went to Midvalley..and i saw this lil booth that sells fruits covered with chocolate and ppl were lining up to buy it. But I'm not turned on by it in anyways.....Fact No.3: I don't like to eat chocolate bulat bulat liddat. Cos when the choc got stuck at my teeth.. serupa makan tahi...But choc cake is fine..*yummy*

    Fact No 4: I'm hyperactive. I can talk non stop from KL to Penang and back to KL. If i don't talk for a while.. my husband will think that i'm sick or angry at him. If i don't move, he'll say that I'm hurt.

    Fact No 5: I'm like Laundryamah.. I'm a shoppaholic. I buy and buy and buy and buy!

    Last but not least..Fact No 6 : I'm truely, madly, deeply in love with Jayden. (Sorry Papa.. I love u oso)

    I have somemore facts about myself...but let's get to know each other better ya before i spill everything out? hahahaha

    Okay, i'm not gonna tag anyone cos by the time i write this blog, everyone already kena tagged.