Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Those were the days...

Yesterday while I was swipping my card to go back home..Another girl also swiped her card. But she's different. She's holding a BIG bouquet of flowers. If i'm not mistaken its a tulip bouquet.*action la* Then I went home..rushed like mad so that I can bath and pick my boy up before his nanny starts to gimme me "Hokkien Mee" face again.While I was walking home with my son..i looked opposite my house. Man..the girl who's staying in the house has got her flower bouquetsssssssssssss dried outside her gate..and once in a while.. I'll see her bring home new bouquets. This girl is only a student.

Jealous? A little bit la. If I say I'm not jealous you also don't believe la right?

Anyway...I had my "fun" time and my "princess" moment before. Even before I started dating my hubby..all I need to do is just to point at anything I like.(but I'm very stupid wan..only point at cheap cheap things). Big Big Teddy Bear, Cards,Watch, Clothes, and blablabla...If i point, I'll get it tomorrow. So after that we started to date and the gifts and cards slowly disappear..slowly..slowly..then after 7 years of dating..we got married. First anniversary stil got card la.. but then errr....

Now...go near near to the flower and say "very nice hor?? when you wanna buy for me???" with big grin also you won't get it. But one thing la.. he did buy me flowers (orchids) from Thailand Airport when he came back from his company trip not so long ago. That's probably I have complaint a lil bit before he went off la..

Anyway, what I am trying to say is...why things must change after ppl get together for after a long time leh? Why can't remain like pak tor pak tor time leh? Maybe some guys will say, "of course la.. Your body also never maintain like Pak Tor time what!" But what makes you.."yr belly is not like what it used to be when pak tor time also what!" muahahahha

I looked at my parents and other old couples. Some still so loving holding hands at old age. Some cinapek young young ones also dun wanna hold hand like my dad. He commented before "what's wrong with them. Like the girl cannot walk by herself.Why the guy must hold her hands?If never hold hands will fall down or die ka?" So unromantic langsung!

For me..I wanna hold hands with my hubby although I'm carrying Jayden in a baby carrier in front and baby bag at the back. I still wanna give him surprises and hopes that we celebrate our Dating Day, Our Registration Anniversary, Chinese Wedding anniversary or whatever day la. But no point clapping hands alone right?

*sigh* how i miss the pak tor time.. those were the days la..

To the girl that's staying opposite my better cherish all the gifts and attention that you're getting now..After married..You can just look at the dried flowers la. Coz you won't be getting many many of that no more.


  1. guys only buy gifts when they have goals and objectives. Once the goal scored and objective achieved, there's no point spending for gifts anymore...

    life's like that.

    if you want flowers, 2 ways
    1) get mad at him and stop all communications with him - you'll get your flowers
    2) kill yourself (not recommended; as you won't be able to see the flowers for yourself...)

  2. they save money kua as i nvr pak tor so duno much...onli bought flower once for belated convo...LOL

  3. Ya, I miss those day too...
    I asked my hubby b4, his answer is because now we have 2 crocodile to raise up (my sons), 1 bouquet of flowers = 2 tin of my sons formula, sound irony,man hor forever can not understand 1..

  4. I blur blur ledi. Before and after marriage lidat wan meh? Lucky me still still single.

  5. "you dont sent me flowers anymore...." I'm singing the same song like you leh...coz hubby also not lovey dovey like pat tor time liao. Asked him why liddat..he said everyone will move on to another phase..cannot be always same same wan....*fainted*

  6. Perhaps he shows his love in other ways which may be more precious than flowers like being faithful to you *runs away before Sasha kills me*. Seriously though, I can sacrifice the flowers as long as hubby is faithful & loves me :)On the other hand, after marriage sure got change onelah, last time cut handlah, fall downlah, hurt yourselflah, also he run to you & check. Now, he just look at me and frowns..sheesh..

  7. errr... i never give flower to my ex before also. hold hand? yes... always la when pak tor. Now... single... just hug guitar lor... guitar got nice body shape ma... kekeke

  8. Michael: did it before (not the killing part). Doesn't work. Gimme me another idea.

    Ah nel & Aceone: Next time u'll know

    Rachel: Tats what i'm trying to say lor..

    DragonMum: Wat a gd excuse!

    IMD: *walk with IMD* Actually i agree. But sometimes need something to create *spark*

    Kenny: Guitar nice shape meh? Flat Flat, 8 8 shape.

  9. paktor dat time leh, sit oso must sit close together until mosquito oso die. lama-lama kemudian hor, sit a bit closer then it goes, "wei, sit further can or not. damn hot la"

  10. mom2ashley12:35 AM

    LOL! anyway..i hardly received flowers before and after marriage anyways :(

  11. so the fretting didn't work? I'm beginning to have a feeling that your husband and I are gonna make good buddies....

    great work dude!

  12. At least you last time got.. I last time don't have. now also don't have.. Want ah.. buy myself loh.

  13. objective met..that's why lahh..but I'm sure he still gives u surprises rite ;).

    i always tell my hubby, eh flowers don't buy ler, better u give me money, or clear my credit card, that's better hahaha...

    oh oh..btw, I'm 28 lah, first year of PMR u either younger than me or same age haha

  14. Nyonya: Ya! Ya! Very True!

    Mom2Ashley: Same here la..

    Michael: Yeah , pls meet Mr Chan. Your new good fren.

    Zara Mama: I think we can start planting out own la la

    Jazz:No Flower, No Money, Better find my own la. I'm 2 yrs younger :)

  15. Haha..hey, you know, i really like to read your post, it's like spreading the vitality to readers.

    Before marriage, no need to hint then can receive a lot, but after marriage, hint also nothing to receive.

  16. Huisia: Glad to know tat you like to read my blogs. :)

    I only know how to write about reality..cos tats all i know. heheh

  17. aiks... I now also don't have leh! I got them once for Valentines then I find out and go "SO EXPENSIVE! YOU BUY PRESENT LIKE WATCH OR MP3 PLAYERS ALSO BETTER LA!!!". Since then... I never get any of them anymore! Haih* I memang mulut gagak!

  18. wah u so young oni ah,,long time more to go leh,,aiya this romance romance not practical la..hahaha,,me totally opposite, dun like hold hold hands but hubby likes to hold hold hands! fainted! aiya the only time i get flowers is when he makes me mad! so better not want to expect flowers!

  19. Aveance: Tats why..never complain. now paktor also dun have edi..lain kali sudah kawin..lagi susah..

    Laundryamah:Not young samo la..If lucky can have 1/2 dozen of kids edi..(my grandma say wan)..