Friday, September 08, 2006

Saya Mau Komplain


Today I wanna complain. I wanna complain that other ppl complain that I never breastfeed. I wanna complain that other ppl say I'm so free to create a blog for my son.I wanna complain that ppl say I'm loosing weight and will be slimmer than them. So as summary, I just wanna complain about the mothers in my office who's indirectly saying that I'm not as good as them.

This woman in my office. I don't know whether she's having problem with her long term memory or what. But every single time she sees me she'll ask the same blardy question
  • You still breastfeeding? (No.for the 100th or more time edi)
  • WHY? Why don't breastfeed? (Because my son don't want.Not I don't wanna give)
  • You stupid la. Buy so expensive breast pump but never breastfeed. (at least i exclusively BF during my 2 months, expensive so what? can fully utilise during first 2 months and keep for 2nd one.Got money to buy Zara dress but cannot spend RM300 for B Pump?)

I wish i can print out the answer and stick it to my face whenever she ask me the same question.

Then she always wanna compare her son with my son. "Let me see your son's picture". Then I'll ask her to go to his blog to check it out. And her never ending questions goes like this..
  • HUH? You created a blog for your son? (
  • What the hell is a blog??". Then when i finally teach her how to go to Jayden's blog..she'll say...
  • Huh? Must log into internet only can see ah? So Mah Fan.. (only a few click also mah fan. Walk up the blardy staircase to pump breast milk not mah fan..)
  • How you do this? (like this la)
  • Very hard wan ah? (masuk internet also mah fan, of cos this is hard for u la)
  • Wah you have alot of time meh to do this?*sarcastically* (cos i'm smart can click very fast)
  • You use camera to take all these pictures ah? (No, camera fone)
  • What? Camera Phone Only? Why mine cannot be as clear as yours wan? (Because mine more changgih..DUH)
  • Why you go and take pictures of him like this? (because i like la, cannot a?)
  • Why you go and take picture of what you eat? (because i like la, cannot a?)
  • Why his hair like this? He got no hair ah? Why he so bold wan? (Because lil hair la)
  • Why you never shave him? I tell you, you sure regret one if you never shave his head. (because i like la, cannot a?)
  • I got no time like you to do all these nonsense. *click and close browser* (because i'm fast, and its not nonsense. I like a, cannot ah?)
  • Come and see us play netball after work. Why? Why cannot? Why have to rush back at 5.30? Ask your husband to take care of your son. (bugger cos i'm not like u, can leave yr kids at home with a a new maid samo.You think my husband no need to work a)
  • Eh where got warehouse sale sell babies things? Huh? So far! I don't wanna waste my time going all the way there. (then don't ask if you don't wanna travel..better do own warehouse sale in your own house la)
  • Blablablablabla...

Another woman ask..

  • How come you loose weight so fast wan? (because i loose weight faster than you la!)
  • If you slimmer than me how? (What do you mean IF i'm slimmer than you? I'm already slimmer than you already..)

The answers in ( ) is what I have in my mind when I politely answer her questions...


Life is so interesting when you have so many questions to answer everyday...


  1. so many "pat poh" around...really beh tahan..I sure erupt liao

  2. Yes...all the pat adviced ear in one ear out. If they ask too many stupid questions, then no need to answer. Act deaf lor. Or be sacarstic and hentam balik..kekekkee..take it easy. People in thie world is like dat.

  3. oliviasy4:43 PM

    chill babe. ignore such "aunties". dun be like them oso, else i wl call u "aunty" wif dat sarcastic tone :PpPpP u'r a hip mother and remember dat!

  4. dragonmummy : Yeah here alot of 8 pohs wan. But if wanna explode everyday also can explode!

    Flow: Waiting for the day i explode and tell em off. hehehe

    Oli: Ten Kiu Ten Kiu! I'll remember dat!

  5. those coliks are annoying hor?

  6. Next time just say; "yes la...still breastfeeding...not the son but the hubby can anot?" ...and watch the expression on her face. LOL

  7. Fuah... really so 8 poh there are. Why they asking the questions worst than a kid ah? If I'm on ur shoe I sure vomit blood oledi lor... LOL.

  8. my kollik here more worse..small problem then whole kompeni noe...

    if they knew u noe smth they came n ask n ask...

  9. Wah, what sort of this colleague? Very "aunty"...

  10. whoa whoa whoa i think i'd pull my hair out! so 'pat'!!

  11. nyonya: Very annoying.

    Cocka:OMG! thats a damn good idea! I'll go and try later. nyak nyak nyak

    Kenny: Vomit until my intestine also keluar already.

    Ah Nel: U wait later i post another stoly something liddat. Very Jia Lat wan.

    Huisia: Alot of these ppl..they're very "Free" wan

    Mom2Ash: Cannot pull, after gave birth drop alot edi! hehehe

  12. Wow.. Just read one post about some pat poh.. this one also ah??

    Your office got so many people so 'eng' one ah?