Monday, September 11, 2006

My 8 Poh Coliks

After reading my previous blog, you must be wondering how come there’s so many 8 Poh’s out there. Come let me convince you, there’s many in my company. Extremely banyak…
Lunch time is a very personal time for me. Most of the time I’ll just pack and eat at my desk or sometimes I go out. And I do not stick to a lunch gang. But one fine day, I don’t know what got into me, I followed this group of chinese girls out and they went to this makan place in Kota Kemuning. So, makan makan makan, another gang from our company came-the Brand Team. So, stupid me….i went and said..:

Me : You know I saw J yesterday in Ikea
S : OMG! With Who?
Me : With K.
S : OMG! What are they doing together?
S : What are they doing that time?
Me : K Choosing curtain rod. J standing behind.
S : Got hold hand or not????
Me : No. One stand in front one stand behind how to hold hand??
S : How come you see them ah? They saw you or not?
Me : Jayden was kacau-ing a I turn around and saw the girl standing next to them.
S : So How How? They Malu or not?
Me : What for malu? Nothing unusual la. Frens also go to Ikea what. They said Hi. They carried my son for a while and cabut la.
S : Nolah. Normal Frens don’t go Ikea. Cannot wan.
S : Yalah! Samo choose curtain wor..sure GF and BF wan.
S : Bla Bla Bla
S : Bla Bla Bla
S : Bla Bla Bla
S : Bla Bla Bla
Me : *Continue to makan and reminded myself that I'm an idiot and shouldn’t have said anything*

K = Supplier, B’s Mistress of the company that’s serving us.
J=Brand Manager
S= Many many someone

A week later…a brand manager came and told me this.. "You know ah..I went and ask J whether he knows K is B’s mistress or not? Hahahahaha J samo said he know wor..and he went to investigate..but the girl say she’s not his mistress wo..So Stupid! Everyone also know she’s B’s mistress!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHHAHH You say funny or not?"

At that time…I cannot feel my heart pumping blood anymore. I asked her.. "why you go and ask him liddat".She replied.. "Cos YOU said they’re pak tor-ing ma in Ikea.YOU Samo said they're holding Hands in Ikea!"

So 2 weeks later do you know what happened? K asked me out for makan. During lunch.( I was thinking to eat Japanese food cos it’s been a long long time since I ate Jap Food) she was basically nagging and scolding me for telling the whole world that I SAW HER IN IKEA WITH J. For goodness sake..Do you know from a simple sentence "I saw J in Ikea" it can come out to so many stories. So takkan I kena framed like dat also I keep quite after lunch I came bek and wrote this email…

Hi all,

She said that she heard ppl saying :
SASHA saw J and K in IKEA.
SASHA says normal friends cannot go to IKEA
SASHA saw J and K holdings HANDS in IKEA.
SASHA say J and K is a couple/going out/dating
Sasha say B is getting divorced.
SASHA says K is the 3rd party. a.k.a MISTRESSSSSS

DID i lost my memory or something or SOMEONE just don't get it when i said " I SAW J & K IN IKEA. FULLSTOP."

Since when did i say They're holding hands??? What i remember was SOMEONE asked if they're holding hands but i said NO, COZ K was choosing some curtain rod or something and J was standing behind her. How did i see them. I didn't purposely turn my damn face to look at them. My son was "Kacauing" a girl who so happen stand next to them. So how the hell did the story goes like " I SAW THEM HOLDING HAND" when the last part /explanation was so damn long? You Tell me?

And didn't I highlighted that normal friends also can go to IKEA. This SOMEONE think that normal friends cannot go to IKEA. I said i always go out with my guys friends last time. What's the farking problem, you tell me? Friends cannot go to IKEA meh?

Bugger...and who the hell said "I said that they're going out". If i know they're going out, i won't be asking "J GOT GF RIGHT?" cos i heard he sometimes he goes to play badminton with you guys and seems to be very free cos his gf is busy. THEN why the hell did i say that "J IS GOING OUT WITH K?". This SOMEONE must have some hallucination or some blain (brain) issue. BIG TIME!

And since when did i know that B IS getting divorce. Why the hell i want to 8 about whether that guy is getting divorce or not? The hell with that statement la. The rumours about her being his Mistresss is like berzaman zaman already. And do i really CARE? NO...for what ? for fark ah? THIS SOMEONE also very happening, B want to get divorced also she/he knows. GOOD. Thumbs up. Toes UP. LC up and everything up. You're the best la.
And i didn't know that our office people is so CARING. Have to go and ask K whether she is dating J or not cos SASHA SAID you're going out. *DIng**Ding**DIng* WTF! Have you taken your Mental Medicine yet???

I guess SASHA's name is so nice and easy to say. SO have to put SASHA's name is every god damn SENTENCE that got to link to that 2 person.
SO Human, listen or open your eyes BIG BIG

Question : How SHE saw?
Answer :Because her son was disturbing a girl who so happen stand next to them.
Question : Are they holding hands?
Answer: No cos K was bending down to choose curtain rod( or something like that)
and J standing behind her. Both carried my son. Chat for a while. And left.?.
Question : After that
Answer : That's all

The rest we leave it to SOMEONE's imagination. And if SOMEONE now wants to talk 3 talk 4 or tokkok, read again from top to bottom. Read properly and think before that SOMEONE wants to bitch about others but likes to use other ppl's name.

This statement and rumour should stop immediately.
Who cares whether they're going out or not.
Even if they go out, what's wrong, both not married, both not attached,both young and single, one is male and one is girl so what's the farking problem???
(but i choose not to speak about that anymore.thank you)
And if you happen to hear anybody talking or spreading more rumours. Ask them to shut the F up and give them this...

cos they farking deserves it .
Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

So what happened after that? NO ONE SAID a word. NO ONE. This mail was even directed to both the J and K. They also didn't dare to question me after that. The brand manager that laughed and said that she ask J about it..came and give me 2 movie tickets. Others all smile when they see me. Nowadays they still ask me out for lunch...better not. I feel safer in my lil cosy corner..thank you very much...i rather eat lunch with my computer at least its straight forward and the result wont be added with salt and vinegar.


  1. Poor thing. I am glad to hear all resolved and glad you can vent your steam here. Yes the *** with them. why so 8? I still remember your earlier postings and I am linking to my current posting coz I also have to vent out steam. is full of 8 kuas.

  2. Ur colleagues all come from jungle 1 ah? Or they r too young? U tell them, Hello... me (Kenny Ng) accompany many gals before to IKEA and just to help them carrying the things, is that paktor-ing ah? Somemore I'm not their 'special' BF. I dun feel IKEA is a paktor place.

  3. wow so tai wok's true sometimes ppl just like to add salt n vinegar to spice things up.

  4. No new rumours meh?? Tis 1 i heard from u about a month jor la

  5. tell them eating that time kenot gossip; afturds choke on the mee suah.

  6. Aiyo, i really tak-boleh-tahan your colleagues lol! Really 8-po!

  7. 1st time here. Nice blog wor!!

    Abt the 8 poh coliks...they poopeh..poopeh to much ler.

  8. Flow: U oso have some experience liddis ah? Must read lo!

    Kenny: Chill Brother! They're everywhere..we're out-numbered edi.

    Jazz: Can't live without the gossips oso.without gossips my work place will be so dead. hehe

    Boontz:slowly my son.Too much gossip can die la.

    Nyonya: Next time i makan with them,i'll tell em. :)

    Huisia:U're really lucky u're not working here.hehe

    ace1:Welcome! Yeah..cos they're very free ma..

  9. wahaha!!so funny!!This is why sometime office work are boring, they need some 8 poh to life up the bored dead life!

  10. Annie: can't stand them..but can't live without them!

  11. nvr start anything in the ofiz...some of them knew it but they kept quiet so whoever start it will be blame when story were made up...

    i ever saw my kolik working time sit on the floor n his scandal slp on his lap n i wana move over but they stil dowan let me went over til i walk near them then they move...i was so mad n told my other kolik tat what happen inside as i wana passby...then duno how they change the story til that guy came look for me n infront tat gal he wana showoff skold me n i told him i just say saw u both none other than that n end up he ask me go outside company lar...i was so mad n he work niteshift so my worktime finish 5.30pm but i wait for him till nearly 8pm n at carpark he kept say sorry when i approach of gals u wana showoff even u noe i was not wrong....

    so i nvr start anything aft tat even there 1 malay/chinese gal pregnant n they didnt do any jamuan..the topic became so hot in here but i met his hubby here i just ask,since u resigning whre u go as i resigning also maybe i can join u...tat all i ask...nth to say lar other 8 poh kept asking r they married,why no jamuan,does he convert...i told them b4,thats their personal thing u wana noe so much for wat???
    *knncheebuy so free go work lar*

  12. Really not understand why they like to gossip about others, how they feel when they are a victim?
    Beh tahan

  13. Ah Nel: WAH! yr place oso got alot of 8pohs and 8kongs a..

    Rachel: Yalor.But best part is they wanna gossip but use other ppl's name!

  14. Yikes, your office sucks! It's really hard to "survive" in a 8 poh place like that. Better stay in your cubicle too.
    But hey, I like your courage to email everyone about the "truth" and "fark" about them. You're the girl!

  15. not alot but damn alot...most of them...even my koli a bit lembut then i got asked whether i knew him onot...i told her i knew him then she ask y he walk like tat huh???cheissshhh...

    btw i like baby jayden photo that his hand showing tat sign coz my cousing some of them show tat when they were baby... ;)

  16. ShoppingMum: TahanTahan Beh Tahan..gila gila just shoot the letter out. hehehe

    Ah nel: Baby Jayden got it from Mami. Cannot help it.haha

  17. dats a problem with organisations who employ too many women i was in ikea too on sunday..

  18. oliviasy2:10 PM

    LOL. u forgot you're working in a very big company wif lotsa employees ;) gossips travel veli veli fast in such companies. best to keep avthing to urself and just act dumb when ppl ask you anything.

    grapevines... tsk...