Friday, September 08, 2006

The Panty Incident

Okay. Since I’ve wrote about Daphne. Now Christina’s turn pulak.

You see, Christina was a new mom and her baby was about 6 months old that time. This Christina is also another funny girl…same like Daphne. Christina is a very shy person and she always say to us, “ never go naked in front of your kids. It’s bad influence!”.

So one fine day, when I was busy designing a newsletter early in the morning. Christina came and kneeled next to me and the conversation goes like this ..

C : Sasha. You have any of those left over door gifts ah? *whisper*
S : Yup. Why? *whisper*
C : Faster gimme. *whisper*
S : Why? *whisper*
C : I cannot tellyiu. *whisper*
S : Then I don’t give you. *whisper*
C : Ok ok. You don’t laugh ah.. *whisper*
S : Ok *whisper*
C : Like this..i was getting dressed this morning…and my baby was sleeping. Then suddenly she woke up. I was so scared I wore my skirt straight away. After dat gotto rush off to come to work. When I was on my way to work..then I realized… I forgot to wear my*whisper* PANTY *loud*. You say funny or not? Heeee heee haaa haa heee hee haaa haa (she’s laughing louder and longer than me, samo asked me dun laugh)
S : Funny la u. Nah take this.

And this happened a few times. Christina was so afraid that her baby which is a girl accidently see her private part. You think the baby will ask “mummy why u have feather duster wan?” meh?

*shake head* Christina..Christina..


  1. YO..ur fren so farney...
    I bathe together with my girl and we (hubby n me) go naked in front of the kids when we change....what's so taboo about going naked in front the kids??

  2. hahaha...forgot to wear panty also can :P..classic lah this Christina. Same like dragonmummy, we also go naked in front of our kids when we change...still young OK mah

  3. DragonMum + Jazz = Blog about Bogel story in front of kids will be up shortly...

  4. oliviasy4:48 PM

    it's prolly an asian taboo thing: dun be nekkid in front of ur kids. but seriously, we shldn't be embarressed with our skin/body.

  5. anchua so conservative one??

    Or maybe using baby as an excuse.. she actually likes not wearing panties.. Kakaka.