Thursday, September 07, 2006

Semalam I Mabuk

Yesterday I went to Damansara Village for dinner again. This time they introduced the all-new Drunken Pot. Additional ingredient to the existing yummy soup, some Chinese wine, ginger, Dong Guai, Kei Chee, Black Fungus and some more..Forgot already. Sorry, this time no pics..

So as usual eat eat eat like a far okay. Then when I was on my way back home...then it started la. The world is like spinning around and I felt so happy...hehehehe

Jayden was already sleeping in my arms and I find it so hard to carry him..Like he is so heavy.
Got back home..Straight to bed with Jayden. Then he woke up and starts to toss around. OMG..It’s so hard to take care of a worm when u're drunk!

Then Papa came to the rescue...and took him away..So Mama can happily float to wonderland...

And then I started to dream.

In that dream I was trapped in a room with my grandpa. My grandpa had passed away for 6 years now. But in that dream I forgot that he is dead. And outside our room..There’s a ghost wandering outside..waiting for us. KNN so scary...

Then Jayden cried.. and half mabuk I gotto wake up and pat him back to sleep. Then went to bed again...

Then I dreamt of the same dream again! This time is blardy ghost is scarier! And I still forgot that my grandpa is a ghost also. Jayden cried again. Wake up..And sleep again.

Mahfulat...the Ghost came again..This time it looks more furious! And then I realized something...I turned around.." Ah Kong..I thought you already died..?" and he replied... " Actually yes, I’m already dead". Freaking Scary..woke up again! Then struggled to go back to sleep.

This time I dreamt that I'm at my work place...writting blogs, reading blogs and also doing my work at the same time. Then my stupid supplier's email came and that's even scarier than the ghost..Cos they're so DUH. Then my alarm clock rang.

That's why today I'm so tired more Drunken Pot for me...very kau. But seriously..Veli nice ooooooo...


  1. wuaah, the drunken pot can make the dream continue and replay wan. LOL

  2. hahaha... I was drunk too. Eh, dun u think ur dream is some kind of messege? Anyway, bad dream will turn to be good on the next day, dun worry so much.

  3. wah ghostly dream least better than me lah. I was awake from 230am after feeding, wanted to sleep at 430am but hubby went to work, then about to sleep my girl woke up wanna jiak roti *roll eyes*. At 6am, I beh tahan, she play herself with maid I knock off till 8am :(

  4. nyonya: i also dunno what happened until can replay replay liddat wan

    Kenny: u also drunk? no wonder never see you commenting on blogs

    Jazz: yeah sometimes my son wake up in mid of the nite then i cannot sleep edi. when i wanna sleep he wake up wanna play *pengsan*

  5. haha! funny ghost dream! Where is the damansara village ah? wan to try out the drunken pot,i like chinese wine a lot!!

  6. come can get drunk one? I thought the alcohol cooked ledi not potent one..