Thursday, September 14, 2006

Our Investment

While lying on the bed the other day..I took my pay slip and tear off the sides...konon nye like wanna see what's the difference between this month and last month la... then ...

Mr Chan : Aiks So fast get your pay slip ah? It's the middle of the month only wor...

Me : Wei..with my so efficient secretary..u think so fast can get pay slip. This is last month punya la. WAH! I got Pay rise la!

Mr Chan : Ya Ka ? Ya Ka? Good La!

Me : Dream on....Aiks now only i know my pay is XXXX.XX.

Mr Chan : Cos you don't bother when is pay day and dunno how much you get. Anyway...*grin* I got a pay rise!

Me : Why am I still working my ass off when you're getting so much higher than me?

Mr Chan : XXXX enough meh?

Me : Well at least if I stay home then we can save money on babysitter la.. this la..that la.. I'm working now to pay off my his bills..and only get a lil for myself to spend every month.

Mr Chan : No. It's different . He is our investment. He is our future.

Both looked at Jayden and he look back at us...

Yes Mimi. For my future.
I will love you and Dadi Forever...
I plomise you..I study hard hard...
And grow up to be a good boy...
And then when i meet a girl, I will lap her as much as you guys and maybe I will love her more than you guys, marry her and leave you guys alone! HeHeHe


  1. ya, invest for future takeover by a lenglui. LOL

  2. your "investment" are so adorable!!Got ur look..

  3. thats the most high investment of all... ;)

  4. Your investment?? YOu really think got ROI (Return of Investment) one ah?

    It's unconditional giving.. and don't get anything in return one lar.. probably only their love. :P

  5. New Life's11:18 AM

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  6. I agreed with Zara's mama, is an unconditional giving and never ever expect return tau tak

  7. Nyonya: Yalor..LOL

    Annie Q: Notty look = sasha. Cannot help it.

    Ah Nel: This investment, you wont get the return wan.

    Zara Mama + Rachel : Yup...that's why I Sigh lor..

    New Life's: Done.

  8. LOL... u think too much. Very good imagination. But quite true la... I still can't produce any return for my parents investion on me. How shame la me...

  9. Not only no return, you gotta work like slave & babysit your grandchildren..kah kah kah...Just kiddinglah, we are all in the same boat.

  10. Kenny: Yeah. Sometimes i look at my son i can think of many things wan.

    IMD: Welcome to big Titanic! hahaha

  11. oo he looks so happy in the photos..more like I'm going to cheat all the girls money and give to my mama for shopping ;)

  12. Jazzmint: Hahah liddat I need to train him now onwards la!

  13. return in investment nebermine..but you still got to invest wat, right?

    Wah, he so cute.

  14. Ace: Jayden says *GuGuGaGa* (ten Kiu)

    No Choice la!!!

  15. no return nvm but must make sure he follow the right path...*wink*

  16. What a reality hor?
    But don't be SAHM la since you like to shop, if you become SAHM, your hubby sure say this and that when you spending.

  17. mom2ashley7:26 AM

    he looks so happy in the pictures!!!

  18. Ah nel: Of course *wink*

    Huisia: Yalor! tats why die die must work!

    Ashley's Mom: Yup! Always so happy! Like me!

  19. Awwwwww... Jayden so cute. You must be one proud momma! I tell you when they grow up and leave the house, then the proverbs "what goes arpund, comes around" will always ring true. Glad that both of you doing so well now.

  20. hey cannot treat kids as investment leh,,u will be very disappointed..hahahah..yes don't must is good for us..

  21. Aveance: Thanks..Hope so la..

    Laundryamah: This investment..only can invest and cannot hope for return wan...Yeah... work work work work..cannot stop