Friday, September 29, 2006

Worlds Local Bank

Yesterday ard 6.50pm.Maid mopping the floor in living room.Sasha and Jayden playing in the room. Suddenly... *piiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt**pit**pit**pitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt**piiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt**pit**pit**pitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt*

Maid : Ah Moi! Ada Olang!!!!
Me : Yes.
Boy : Kenapa Tadi Tak Jawab!???!!!*angry*
Me : Huh?
Boy : Tadi!! Tadi!!!*angry*
Me : Jawab amende????
Boy : Tadi saya datang. Tekan Tekan Butang. Ding Dong Ding Dong. Tak Jawab!*angry*
Me : Sebab Takde orang kat rumah.
Boy : Ada!! Tadi Dia ada ..*pointing at maid*
Me : Dia Tak Dengar la..
Boy : Mana Boleh! Dia nampak I. Dia pegi Sembunyik!*angry*
Me : Bila u datang? 5 minit tadi ke??
Boy : Ah! Yelah! Panas Tau! Tekan tekan Panggil Panggil tak Jawab Jawab! Pegi Sembunyik lagi.*angry*
Me : Eh . Tadi saya pun ada kat rumah. Saya pun tak dengar you tekan loceng?
Boy : ADA! Pintu pun bukak! 2 Anjing kat dalam rumah.*angry*
Me : Tak boleh jadi. U datang pukul berapa?
Boy : Pukul Satu la.*angry* Panas tau!
Me : Awak biar betul. Saya baru balik nie. Petang mana ada orang kat rumah. Pintu mesti la terbukak. Anjing saya nak berak kat luar la.
Boy : Tapi saya nampak dia. Dia nampak saya. Lepas tu dia sembunyik.*confused*
Me : Eh, awak ok ke? Die bukan I punya full time maid. Dia baru datang. Datang pun 2 jam aje.
Boy : Ye ke? ooooo *shy* tadi panas ma.

The boy was here to deliver my hubby new credit card. He is working for teeee&teeee courier and representing the Worlds Local Bank. The manners so local.. Obviously he was lying about seeing my maid in the house. She cannot access my house unless i'm at home. or maybe he saw....*jeng**jeng**jeng* a ghost?
And its not problem that he gotto send documents on a hot sunny day? He should've studied better and work in a bank instead..right? Puasa puasa la..not my problem that you gotto puasa..don't have to be mad at people for not being at home..morever the delivery supposed to be address to my hubby's office..

*sigh* complain to the bank?
*sigh* waste energy la. like they're gonna improve... Malaysia is liddat ke lar...


  1. Perhaps the guy was hallucinating due to fasting. Lol.

  2. u meet funny man! If me, sure complaint to the courier company or bank!

  3. hehehe..if no one at home they usually put in a call card for you to collect it at the courier company wan.

  4. It's the courier company, go complain!

  5. Isn't there a phone number written on the docket? He could have called.

  6. so fierce one ah.. delivery boy..

  7. wuahhh...boy...bulan posa bukan boleh sebarang lepas geram kat olang ho...

    he delivery guy or ah long?

  8. I agree with immomsdaughter, the deliver boy was hallucinating due to extremely hungry and thirsthy!

  9. ayo! last time this happened to me too, i mean boy sending Cr Card to my hubby was from World's Local Bank too...they r actually independent despatch boys who get only like miserable few sen per despatch one so if they hv to come again they rugi. for my case he couldn't find the place n didnt call cos (cost more than revenue!) so he circle circle lagi cannot find so ended up callin! poor boy! he asked me for tips! i sed ask from your employer la! me so mean hor??