Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yes, I went shopping again..

So? Nyak Nyak Nyak..

I went to another exhibition again. This time its Mummy and Me exhibition in Midvalley Megamall.

I went on the last day. Expected alot of people and alot of things. But it's quite disappointing. Maybe cos its the last day and it's like ending of the day. So alot of booth also empty....BUT....i still managed to buy something for my Jayden Boy. Jonas Jodie sleeping sack @ 50% after the discounted price in the website!

No...this is not Jayden. But he looks as cute as the boy sleeping up there.

Anyway, we got lotsa free gifts like this....

No..i'm not the typical type of "aunty" that goes all the way to get all these free gifts. I wanted to buy the cereal for my Jayden but it's only for display. But Drypers are for sale la..but it's "not so cheap" la. And the Magazines are backdated magazines..but cares. It's the article inside that I wanna read ma.


I'm beginning to feel bored..why ah? Maybe its because of the haze or I'm just too busy at work. Since I've been transferred I should be damn free. But I still gotto help my big big boss to sweep others ppl's shit. TNS, everything also naik harga except my pay and gotto do double job.



  1. naik gaji ah? boss always say 'patient!'.

  2. Wow, 50% discount then is very worth!

  3. You good ler.. always go to such places.. I saw the ed, very tempted to go.. but end up didn't go also.

    50% discount for the sleeping bed.. very worth it.