Monday, September 25, 2006

Holiday Updates!

As plomised this is some holiday pikture to share with you guys... Don't wanna write alot about the holiday. It's just a small getaway..Flight ticket sponsored by AirAsia.

We celebrated Jayden's 6 months old happy day in Langkawi. And yesterday he went for his Hepatitis B Jab. As usual..never cry and continued to disturb the paed and played with the toys on the bed.

Weight : 7.5 kg. Not thin Not fat.
Height : 53.5 cm. Shorter than supposed to be. But grew 2 cm taller since 3 weeks ago.
Hair : Growing longer Mohawk style.But not growing more.
Eat/Drink: Sweet Potato, Porridge, 8 oz of milk every 3 or 2 1/2 hours.
Can say :
*Da..Di..Da..Di... Now you guys know why his Dadi switched from being Papa to Dadi la..he said his son calling him Dadi wor..hehe. But Mama also need to changed to Mami wor..
*MeMeMeMe Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if I goes missing
*AyayaAyaya Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if he wants milk.
Can do :
*Can put 8 fingers into his mouth.
*Can turn in a few seconds time or as soon as his body touch the ground or bed.
*Trying to crawl..lifting butt and one leg at a time.
*Throw things so that his maid (Mami) will pick it up for him. Sometimes the toy can land on his head like this..


  1. very healthy boy :)
    How's ur holiday? recharge kaw kaw oledi? kekekeke.

  2. wat recharge? u thinking the "dirty" thing or the really recharged "rejuvenate" thing? hehe

  3. Your bb head is so round, even can put the toy on it! :)

    I like the "lafu" picture!

  4. eh... nolah, recharge mean relax ur mind and get enaugh rest la. apa dirty thing pula... LOL.

  5. How come got sponsor tickets for free? :P
    I like the last pic, with a toy ended up on his head.

  6. aiyo...Jayden so lucky, so small edi travel so far! Me kiasu mummy, yet to bring Lyon on plane! :P

  7. Huisia: its round and BIG!. hehe

    Kenny: with Jayden mana ada time to rest?

    Shoppingmum:last time AirAsia gave away free tickets ma. The ticket was actually for Ethan, Jayden's name before we changed to Jayden. hehe

    Jess:Where got kiasu..No time only right?

  8. I like the 1st picture on your slide, so cute..:D how you make him do that..and the last picture..aiyo that toy is not soft neh landed on his head tarak cry meh??

  9. Rachel:So happened he was playing on the testing our new camera..we snapped non stop..and got that picture.. heheh He always throw his toys and always land on his head..won't cry wan! used to it already.

  10. baby boy reli notti ho... ;)

  11. Why no pix of sexy mami swimming with Jayden?

  12. Ah Nel: Boy ma..

    IMD: Have ler.. but the leg like hippo leg how to show?