Friday, September 15, 2006

Mr Bean Banned!

First, let me introduce you to my niece. "Jasmine say hi to all the leng lui che che and leng chai kor kor first".

Hi Leng Chai Kor Kor And Leng Lui Che Che!

Okay Why Mr Bean is banned my my sis's house leh? Because...the story goes liddiss..Happened before i got married...

Jasmine : Mai Mai (youngest aunty in hainanese), after you get married with L Kor Kor ah..
Me: Ya.....
Jasmine : U all will go to sleep together..
Me: Ya...*blush*
Jasmine : Before U go up the bed ah..
Me : Ya...(OMG where are we going edi??) *blush*
Jasmine : You all will take off your clothes..then you kiss kiss and go up the bed...
Me : Where u learn all this?
Jasmine : Er...i see before. Oppsss NO NO NO I see from TV!!!!!!! Don't tell MAMA!!
Me : *whisper* Oi ah cheh, I think Jasmine saw u guys what what u know?
Sis: Huh! No Way!
Me : She say after married, before go to sleep must take off clothes, kiss kiss and go up the bed. She said she saw before but then deny it and say she saw in TV.
Sis : JASMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine : Yes Ma.
Sis : What you told Mai Mai?
Jasmine : *teary eyes* Nothing Nothing.
Sis : Don't lie. Tell me what you saw??
Jasmine : *teary eyes* Nothing Nothing.
Sis : Tell me where you learn it from??

My sis very the stubborn wan and damn fierce. So Jasmine would rather sacrifice her favourite show than tell the truth. Will die wan u know...Poor Jasmine and Mr.Bean. Everyone also know Mr.Bean loves himself to have yamade action in his cartoon leh???

Okay, remember in my previous post, Christina said "Don't get naked in front of your kids". To me getting naked in front of kids is nothing la (not when they're older..plsssssss) but never never never yamade and let them see!


  1. they see you yamadeing means, mah treat it as sex education at home lor.

  2. Mr Bean got show it before meh? All I know Mr Bean only plays with his half-dead doll on the bed only. Pity the Jasmine...

  3. Pity Mr.Bean and Jasmine...
    Mai mai not good go to tell Mama, next time Jasmine dont share with you her secret edi..

  4. wat is yamade hah??? ;P

    better let them learn st home rather than some guys out frens mom watch that with her 5 daughter... ;)

  5. Ah Pek: Niamind...when my boy need sex education i'll hire a sifu for him, either U, Lin Peh or Wingz.

    Kenny:Tats what i was saying lor..Mr Bean only loves his bear and himself.

    Rachel: Haha No worries. She's very close to me..i'm her best fren

    Ah nel: *wink**wink**wink* How can watch together with daughter. Yau Mou Kaw CHO AH??!!!!

  6. send her to Lin-cocka-wingz institute when she is older. We'll make sure she'll pass with flying colors. LOL

  7. Mr Bean is innocent!!!
    Your sis so naive one meh?? Mr Bean where got show yamade one?

    Maybe Jasmine visited that Ah Pek and Lin Pek's blog before lar.

  8. Cocka: Ai meh...No Ler...

    Zara's Mama: Yalor.My sis terrible. She die die dun wanna admit that Jasmine learnt it from her.

  9. Haha...your sister must becareful la..haha..

    Actually how old is Jasmine?

  10. Huisia: Scared leh? Hehehehe She is ard 4 that time..

  11. my fren say the mom more keen let their daughter learn it from home rather than outside... ;)

  12. Ah nel: CHa TOU!!!!

  13. ayo ur sis memang ah...aiya in front of u only ma sister sister..admit la! hahaha..wah sked leow...must be more careful! eh u hainanese ah? same as me loh kung..

  14. But why??? Poor jasmine and mr.bean. Your sis should know it's not mr.bean ma. Besides if she saw them yamade is also their fault, not hers.

  15. Laundryamah:Yalor..but she dun wanna admit.Izit? Means u oso know how to talk hainanese abit la..

    Aveance: Stubborn lor..

  16. hahaha...Mr. Bean become sacrificial item liao...