Monday, September 04, 2006

I got Tagged!

Finally i'm free to tokkok abit here. Damn 9 busy at work this morning. Alot of "shit" to sapu. Anyway..i got tagged by Nyonya! So, I gotto write 6 facts about myself...

At first i tot .."easy sap sui". Then i think think again...kantoi...i cannot that's the first fact about myself : I'm very forgetful about certain things. But i never forget if someone pissed me off. My tagline "Forgiven but not forgotten". Don't believe...ask Mr.Chan...

Fact No 2: Sometimes I screams when I'm gardening. Why? Cos i hate WORMS!!! That's why i cannot enter Malaysian Fear Factor. Cockroaches,lizard,frogs,snails no problem. I can kill them anytime. But not worms!

So yesterday i went to Midvalley..and i saw this lil booth that sells fruits covered with chocolate and ppl were lining up to buy it. But I'm not turned on by it in anyways.....Fact No.3: I don't like to eat chocolate bulat bulat liddat. Cos when the choc got stuck at my teeth.. serupa makan tahi...But choc cake is fine..*yummy*

Fact No 4: I'm hyperactive. I can talk non stop from KL to Penang and back to KL. If i don't talk for a while.. my husband will think that i'm sick or angry at him. If i don't move, he'll say that I'm hurt.

Fact No 5: I'm like Laundryamah.. I'm a shoppaholic. I buy and buy and buy and buy!

Last but not least..Fact No 6 : I'm truely, madly, deeply in love with Jayden. (Sorry Papa.. I love u oso)

I have somemore facts about myself...but let's get to know each other better ya before i spill everything out? hahahaha

Okay, i'm not gonna tag anyone cos by the time i write this blog, everyone already kena tagged.


  1. hahahaa...the part about talking non stop so farnieee la...hahahahaha..reminds me of my hubby! yes next time got shopping contest we sure win!! kakakaka...

  2. yes, yes, Fact #4. put you and me together, no need to turn on radio on the KL/Penang/KL trip liao.
    kam siah chay-chay for doing the meme. ;)

  3. Kekeke..another person not going to tag another it ends soon..

  4. We all love our kid more than our husbands.. I told my hubby up front.. he'll have to be no. 2.. for now. :P

  5. i know i have so many talkative friends! Can u imagine if we all come out for a meet and everyone will be like Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla non stop!!!

    Poor Papas..always got to be No.2