Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today i wanna Bitch about...

Today i wanna bitch about someone. Actually I want to tokkok about someone. My department secretary. I also wanna give her an award. I wanna give an Award for :

  • Slowest Secretary of all secretaries in my entire company.

  • Laziest Secretary.

  • Greediest Secretary.

  • Oldest and Horniest Secretary around.

  • The Secretary that used the most make-up but still look like this. What's the point anyway???

  • Every month also everyone gotto argue with her you know why? Because she refused to order mineral water for us! Like the blardy money belongs to her! Our dept ordered the most can drinks to serve suppliers/visitors but we don't see it anywhere. Cos why? She need to smuggle it home and feed her anak-anak tiri. Bugger...everyday can see her sipping the can drink at her place...kena diabetes baru tau!

    Then samo hor *8* just got married again (YES AGAIN! For 3rd time). She tot she got a goodie goodie husband. But she cannot accept the fact that the guy only want her money. She's till paying Ah loongs for her 2nd husband's debt.Stupid woman...

    Then hor..*8* whole day do nothing. Just sit there and yak yak yak on the fone. Call the husband 100000 times aday...to say what ? "Baba..Baba I love you. Baba sayang Baby Tak? Baba buat apa tu? Ye la..Baby Sayang Baba jugak..I LOVE YOU BABA . I LOVE YOU". Like her husband got some memory problem or something like dat..cannot remember that the wife loves him! Diu....

    Everyday just sit there and don't move at all. No wonder hor the damn 9 big la. If she's walking around then she will bitch bitch and bitch about other ppl. CT and Latuk K la...say ppl damn old la.. Better than you la. At least ppl damn rich la. You leh? Gotto let your hubby eat "slipper rice".

    Samo...suspect she's pregnant wor...happy lor. Waited damn long edi..Good! But wanna fully utilise the company's benefit. Pregnancy Kit also don't wanna buy from outside. Wanna wait till come to office and ask the company's doctor to check! Stupid or not? Ppl check whether pregnant or not early in the morning. By the time come to work already what time? stupid...

    Last time when i first came back from maternity she damn syiok. Cos see see i'm chubbier than last time. This is what I wrote about her in my previous blog "I want to shut my department’s ICI DULUX WEATHERBOND (if you know what I mean..) secretary’s mouth..who keeps saying .. "Sasha..you gained a lot of weight huh? Dulu u sliiiiiim aje kan? Sekarang..*sengih sengih*…while eating non-stop like there’s no tomorrow…PIG!" See now dare to say or not!
    During my maternity she can call me and ask me what I'm giving them back if they give me angpow for my son. Stupid Bitch. Damn greedy! Where got ppl ask questions liddat wan?

    Feel like her! 8 Poh!!!!

    *deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

    Okay! I'm edi...Thank you for reading..Back to work again...


    1. ur koliks all so much prob mia???stay far before u kena addicted...LOL

    2. Ha ha this is farny. Wah, you work in a very challenging environment wor. Lol.

    3. hey she married again??? i saw b4 1 is it?

    4. wahhh... wat kind of this 'sexytary' ah? opsss... shud say sakit-tary. Luckily u not polluted by such 'weird' colleagues. Anyway... the way u say damn 9 funny... wakakakaka

    5. ha ha ha..so funny!!When having a bad mood must read ur blog, can bright up my day lah!!

    6. Ah Nel: Tats why i only stay in cubicle le..

      IMSDaugther: Yeap!Very challenging!

      Boontz: The same bugger la! The one tat look like Latuk K

      Kenny: Sexy my ass la.Hahaha

      Annie: Glad to cheer u up! Sometimes after blogging i cheer myself up too!

    7. remind me not to step on your tail hor.. or you'll dedicate a post to me.. :P

    8. Zara Mama: Nolah..not easy to step on my tail wan... hehehe

    9. ayo i've seen bad secs but this is one of the baddest leh! hahaha...err..your boss blind or what? goreng sotong la! i remember in my previous company we had to have a certain quota of staff which the company has no choice but to maintain...but also not so teruk lor...hahaha..funny la!

    10. I no nid bulu pills yet!!!! still vehlee the power!!!

    11. the jantans must have found that cute pug irresistableeeeee......

    12. mom2ashley11:53 PM

      lol! damn funny lar your rants!

    13. kakaka..i liked your comments abt the secretary mia make up..when i looked at that dog i can imagine her face liao. wuahahaha..laughed till'chau kan'

      Lu manyak lucu la!!

    14. Laundryamah: Cannot Goreng.This is antique already.Part of the company's furniture.

      Wingz:OkOk.When u want u tell me! Haha

      Nyonya: Only her babi..opsss i mean her baba likes puggy face.

      Mom2Ashley: Funny..but can vomit blood.

      Ace: If only i can take her picture and show u...

    15. waahh you 8 about her lidat. after she go poke your back in front of your boss.

    16. Ah Pek: Bring it on Baby! I have nothing to be afraid of.muahahah

    17. New Life's11:13 AM

      Hi, read ur blog and find it interesting plus also I fully agreed wat u say abt those 8 po.

      I also kena into politics, n now heard that I offended the company 'Da jie Da'. *stud* They simply juz use my name for it. I didnt even hve any chance to talk to them in HQ as I stationed at Site office plus I also dun like to stab ppl frm their back.

      Oh ya.. Can I add u into my blog?

    18. Hi New Life. 8 Pohs are everywhere! Of cos u can add me, but what's yr blog url?

    19. Haha...i like the way how you describe your secretary.

      Last time my company also got this sort of lady, she even put the tissue rolls inside her room, we only able to get the tissue after we signed our big name. Aiyo, tissue worth how much o...

    20. Huisia: AH! Everytime Poo POo also she will know lor!