Monday, September 18, 2006

My Observation

My hubby asked me .."Why all yr posts also complaining about other people wan". It's written edi in my blog description that this is the place where i BlaBlaBla ma...Samo my hubby is like the censorhip board..the bad post about him cannot put up..this and that.Cannot talk about him, takkan always talk about Jayden. So talk about other people lor...


Anyway..I love to observe ppl..everywhere i go. Not that i'm "8" but sometimes i just wonder why these ppl is like this wan...

Man holding baby on left hand...and guess what he is holding in his right hand. CIGGARETTE! So Stupid....Puffing away and the wind blow to the baby's face. Don't love the child can give away.. no need to kill that baby slowly ma.. You die later...but he die first wo..

Ppl wit big cars and have a window on top of the car. Kids enjoying themselves by sticking thier head out..*action la*. So dangerous!!! What the F is wrong with the parents blain? What if they suddenly break or pass by something low enough to cut off the kids head? Must wait until something happen only say.. "i shouldn't have...". too late already that time..

This happened few weeks back when we're in BU. No parking as usual so gotto park in IBM tower. Some jerks with older kids just don't know how to respect people.. KNN..don't know how to line up and samo purposely come and stand in front of Jayden's stroller! Samo the biatch mother can ask the son and daugther to "masuk masuk " abit in. WTF..end up we have to wait for another lift! Another mommy lagi pushed in and hubby left outside...while the door can hear the daddy saying. wait for me "there"...mommy say "where? i don't have handphone!!!". So poor thing. I can't wait for Jayden to say this to thier face:

Yo Yo..Aunty... Which sch you study last time? You don't know what is Line-up?

Happened when we're in a claypot rice shop in DJ. Aunty's grandson running around in the shop...Hot Claypot is everywhere...Indon Maids walking around .."Kwan sui..Kwan Sui..Panas..Panas"... So dangerous la! Sekali kena the head.. if not turn gila gila also, the face setengah masak edi!

Samo the kid can come and play with Jayden..Aunty said.. "fleng kicc la ah boy..fleng kicc".HUH??? What Fleng Kicc? Friend kiss??Frech Kiss?? ooooo Flying kiss...The blind lead the blind.. hehehehe *pengsan*

I really learn from these ppl...


  1. next time bring ur Jayden to safer place for eat, then no more complain.. =P

  2. Kenny: No where is safe edi. But looking at all these ppl..we learn from their mistake..Wah..u happening ah..everytime i post something u'll know wan..

  3. next time they say kwan sui u hold baby jayden up kwan liu kwan pee...see they run away

    kenny is the assistant of ohsama bin bush so he is a spy...LOL

  4. i thought she say flying kick :P kekeke...

    wah ur hubby censor things on the blog oso huh..thne gotta put pwd protected so that he cant read kekeke

  5. ah nel: how u know kenny is spy ah?

    Jazz: i thought of it also..can ka? u oso do that to yr blog?

  6. ya to do the password protect ah??

  7. i love your observations and they are so true! sad but true!

  8. most of the blogger when update he the 1st to comment...first i suspek he a gay but no he is undercover... LOL

  9. Some people really like never been educating! I hate this sort of people too.

  10. your observation soooo true...esp. the waiting one...really ppl dunno how to wait anymore!

  11. So you remember all the things you observe, you don't do yourself loh.. make the world a better place *peace sign*. :P

  12. what about those papas who drive with baby sitting on their lap?

  13. You're right on all of them! Especially the first one...