Monday, September 25, 2006

Observation Part 2.

Was reading all yr comments while I was away using my hp. But cannot write or reply comments..*sigh* Anyway..i have somemore to update.Try and look around in hypermarkets..damn alot to see..

Observation 6 -Tangan Sibuk
Was in the new hypermarket in USJ1.Alot of ppl..Once you reach the dry food section..(u know where they place the red bean,green beans and the spice spice place)...sure these ppl will put the hands touch touch the beans, korek korek don't know what. Every single type of beans..*yuck*. I was there observing these ppl,was there for about 5 mins and about 10 ppl already touch the stuff.. so next time..don't buy the open-displayed items..but the one in packets!

Observation 7 - Free Tasting.
In hypermarket Kelana Jaya.. It was Rambutan Season that time. Uncle and Aunty want to buy Rambutan. So try try try try try try try try try try and try samo...and uncle can say "not nice wan hor???" reaching for another rambutan...then aunty say "yalor...not lat-kang wan.." and reach for another wan...And itelyu another secret..this uncle and aunty is CHINESE ppl..damn memalufying betul!

Another case is where the parents opened the food for the kids and pretend like they're gonna pay at the check out counters. Some will do that and some won't. Such a bad time the kids will go and open the food.. and give back the empty plastic bags..

Observation 8 - Test Drive
Many time the parents will let the children "test drive" the toys. Especially Bicycle..They will ride ride and ride..bang here and there and leave the bike at the fruits and vegetable section. That's why all the toys in hypermarket cannot buy cis its cacat-ed ones!

Observation 9 - I also want that!
Have you seen ppl stealing from other ppl's cart? I've heard from my relatives that there's one time that 2 aunties was arguing..why? Cos one of the aunty took Nescafe from another aunty's cart. This happened before paying a..So the reason is... *jeng**jeng**jeng* "I'm lazy to walk back in and take this pack of Nescafe". Like that also can?

Observation 10 - Kids on Lap while driving.
Hmmmmmmm As mentioned by Nyonya, driving with kids on lap is very dangerous. Ahem! Not everybody is Britney Spears okay? I know some mom will drive with bigger kids on the lap but what I saw is something special. Was at the Sunway Flats long time ago.. I saw this dad carrying a few months old baby while..sitting in the passenger side. Nothing wrong right? But guess who's driving? His small girl..Barely can see her head. I observed's a small girl..about 11-12 years old. Maybe dad want to train the girl to drive so dad can sleep while travelling and the girl can take the wheels..hehehe

Observation 11 - Flying Fruits in Highway
You will never miss this one when you're travelling north or south. You can see fruits skin flying out of the car...rambutan la..duku langsat la..*sigh* luckily no durian skin!

Remember I've mentioned before that I hate ppl that don't know how to line up. Well, I was away for holiday last week. While Q-ing up to go up the plane..This bitch came and cut my line..Just right in front of Jayden's stroller..Niameh!

Okay..let me introduce..

Sei Pat Poh (Bitch)...with Sei Pat Poh Husband (Bastard) and Sei Pat Poh's Daughter (???)= Fuktard Family.


  1. yea...somehow some ppl dont have the sense to queue! i understand your frustration. In fact if i were you, i'd tell them off! I've done so a couple of times! It's a matter of principle...

  2. Relax!! Be cool. Just came back from holidays you had your mind refereshed already. I'm working like zombies now!

  3. Your observation no.6, 7 and 11 really true..especially no.7 I saw b4 at the hypermarket there a Yalkult counter free tasting, an aunty wif her children was standing there and drink and drink summore call her husband and said "lai lah, ng sai chian ma" waiyo so malu..

  4. You're great! "Brave" to take the pat poh photos!

  5. The Kiasus & Kiasis are available nationwide in Bolehland :)

  6. yah man, i will tell the q cut-ter off like loud loud summore! Let them malu ma. Eh die la, I told my mom to steal one item from another person's trolley in the Ikea opening sale cos she was too slow and the item was sold out! Aiya that person also took so many..share

  7. All your observations are so TRUE!!! Just like my hubby used to say: Malaysian's moral no more there! *sigh*

  8. Mom2Ashley:Yalor..wanted to tell em off..but Jayden was there ma..cannot be angry angry in front of him wan .. hehe

    Ace: Chill la brader..

    Rachel:Malaysians just love free things..

    ShoppingMum:Mana ada "brave" take backside..i wanted to walk in front of her face and take her picture

    IMSDaughter:Malaysia Boleh!!

    Laundryamah: You're the one that stole my stuff??!!! Hahahaha

    Jess: *sigh* what happened to us..