Monday, October 24, 2011

They Love to Yum Seng

I noticed that my kids just love to attend chinese wedding dinner cos they like the "yum seng" ceremony especially Jayden.

This was Jayden's first Yum Seng. He was surprised with ppl screaming YUM SENG all at the same time. But I think he was just excited about after each time ppl shouted yum seng, he can drink his coke. :P

And this was Justin's first Yum Seng. He was surprised with the yum seng commotion and he noticed he was the only one that didn't hold his glasses up. So he quickly grabbed his glass and joined in. Jayden was like an expert in Yum Seng , he even asked me "mami you want to yum seng or not?" Hehe.

And this was the recent yum seng session. Obviously both was very happy. I think they were more happy than the groom :P

Both my kids mabuk and "high" due to POP overdose. One vomitted (JT) and the other one that doesn't eat meat suddenly began to eat suckling pig (JD). *lol*

But you know what is more happy about them Yum Seng-ing? I manage to video it and keep it for them to watch when they are older :)


  1. hey how can we blame em??? even I LOVEEEEEE to yum seng!!! i would shout like a mad woman and drink my coke and then later i'd have a tummy ache from too much coke :p

  2. Everyone loves to YUM SENG, including we adults coz we can only do it once in a blue moon. Poor kid, did he vomit at the dining table?

  3. Hahaha...priceless expression :) Yea, must keep and let them watch it when they are older ...

  4. When my girl was smaller, I have to trick her to "yum seng" for her to drink water. It works for my boy too. So when me or his sister take our bottles or glasses, he will automatically take his bottle and clink his bottle with ours and yum seng!

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