Thursday, October 06, 2011


I noticed that I hardly post makan-makan post anymore. Think maybe after Justin started to crawl then I stopped blogging about food edi. Probably hard to control 2 fellas while eating or probably we just stop going to nice/new place to try new food and go for the usual.

So anyway, last week (or is it last last week?) we went hunting for dinner that night and we ended up at this place : OnePot

It's located at the corner shoplot opposite McClient's Florist in SS2.

I think the sauce selection is similar to the one in 100degree.

This caught Jayden's attention. A touch screen built in pc with internet. He played angry birds and also watched youtube while eating. But the internet speed is man. As long as can keep the kids occupied while we eat it's good enough.

Anyway, what is special about this onepot? They have steamboat with many different kinds of soup or you can choose to have paper grill. What is paper grill?

You put a piece of paper on the grill and cook your food without oil. I personally think its okay, but kinda troublesome cos as you cook, you gotto add bbq sauce to it, then the food get cook, then the sauce will kena the paper, then the paper will burn abit, then become darker and darker and then the waiter/waitress will come and change the paper. Then you re cook again..... and again. Not forgetting the staff is really helpful. They took turn to stand at our table and cook for us. *paiseh maxxxx*

We ordered the Rm29.90 package for the grill and add some corn soup (rm5 for a very big portion and free refill- YAY!) and noodles  for my kids. The grill package came and my hub asked me "That's all for you and me ah???" I didn't have the chance to take pic of the grill package cos the staff came and started to cook for us. So I only took pic of the hand and how they cook . hehe Anyway, back to the package it's really small portion compared to the one we had in Pulau Ketam Steamboat or 100degree. So what to do?  Drink alot of corn soup lor since it's free refill.

Since the seats and tables are mounted to the wall and "someone" refused to sit on the baby high chair, he gotto squat and eat that night. haha  Kids were happy cos they both got the "colour" of spoon, plate, bowl and cup of their choices and also watch youtube while eating. But mum and dad went home half full but luckily we can easily find supper :)


  1. hmm...looks interesting eh? so every table has a pc? this means ppl's lives are getting so involved with technology that we cannot live without it even when we are eating...kakakkaka

  2. Look interesting. Not sure is it the same branch as the one at One Utama. But the one at 1U don't have grill, only steamboat.

    Wow..internet! Sure kids love it, can keep them occupied.

  3. As long as the kids enjoyed and happy, parents half full also nevermind. I understand this.

  4. Just have a tried on yesterday after view your blog, what a nice place! Every table have touch screen device, the staff told me that the location dont have unifi yet, 2mb and 4mb for streamyx are full ald, now they using only 1mb tats why internet very SE....Lo...OO...Ow.....w. They been register since the shop havent open untill now, now what can they do is only wait.....!! KA KA KA! Woth to try