Monday, October 24, 2011

I won! I won!

What did I win?

Beauty product from Iamthewitch's Neutrogena Ageless range. ANTI AGING.... Gosh! I need some right now.

Just the other day my friend Frostier said to me  "How come you look so charn? You never go facial ah?"

It was a wake up call. A slap to my face, left and right. I got hurt of course. Then come to think of it he is right. I neglected myself. I only took care of my kids and cleaning my house after renovation. It was the same day that I changed my own punctured car tyre, bathed and rushed out , hurried to Sunway Pyramid to help my hub buy something from Daiso and then rush over to meet him and pick up the stuff from BYOB. Of course I was extremely haggard that day but still, I looked damn charn. My pores are so big, I can play congkak on it. Damn.

But fret not, I am going to be more hardworking. I promised myself I will not only scrub toilet, I will scrub my face nice nice. Apply toner and also moisturizer everyday. I wanna look like human like how I have commented in Iamthewitch's contest. Of course I cannot be pretty, unless i go for plastic surgery. But then I can look prettier in my ugly face. Thanks again iamthewitch for selecting me :) And thanks to ReanaClaire for telling me about the contest. We're chitchatting in msn and she told me.. eh eh go and comment here la.. can win something. And I just went and commented. I never thought I will win something. So thanks alot to ReanaClaire too :)

haha something funny happened when I opened my prize pack. I told my sister "SOMEONE STOLE my thumbdrive!" And then I see again... dang! the small tub is not an eye cream! It's a THUMBDRIVE!
Ai... suspend only :P


  1. So in days to come, I see a teenage Sasha??? hehehee... hey, remember to take a "before" look and the "after"... see the Ageless do u justice or not! mine not yet come la.. so i have to hang on to my 50s look first!! hehehee..

  2. Congratulations Sasha!! Looking fwd to a review soon.. :)

  3. Congratulations on the winning. Please tell us, the effect after using the products, ok?

  4. congrats! U r so lucky. Enjoy the products.

  5. Congratulations on your winning, so lucky. For me, I have no fate in winning even one bottle of ribena..hehe
    Wish you become leng leng like 18 years old, ok? :D