Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Got Bitten By A Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf that is.

All these (plus a few more of daddy's collection in the toilet) costs us Rm114.

We brought the 2 of them along. They had fun walking up the hill, sitting at one corner, fighting over the same book then both let go of the same book, and then the last bit was the bus ride to the carpark. But the best part was when I met with my blog reader *wave wave - you know who you are :) *, she called out their names and they got a shock. Even I got a shocked cos I never thought that I still have readers although I blog less and hop less too now. Anyway thanks for your support and encouragement.

When I saw this book, immediately I took it. So suitable for my kids. Mess Monsters. Thats what they are. That night, I turned off the lights and used a small reading lamp and read to them. I read it really slow... with a very scarry voice and by the end of the page, Justin asked me immediately accompanied him clean his playroom. *lol* I'm a terrible mother, I know! Anyway if you like to read, the BBW is the right place to go. Buy and keep for Christmas, Birthdays or whatever cos it is really cheap.


  1. I got bitten by a wolf also ... big bite somemore :)

  2. Once bitten, cannot stop thinking abt it. Keep wanting for more. o.O

  3. haha... you are an evil mother ... just joking ;) as long as you get the concept in their little heads, it doesnt matter the process...

    how i wish to be bitten by the wolf too...

    u bought the shopaholic book... enjoy... a hilarious light reading booking ... after reading the first one, i end up buying the complete shopaholic series .. ;)

  4. OHAI! haha. wish i had taken a photo with your little boys but there was too much of a crowd and i was meant to be working, LOL!! sorry if i startled you. come by again anytime during this week. there are new books stocked every day! (: xoxo

  5. Wah, Xmas shopping liao! lol

  6. AHAHAHAHAHA first i saw this blog title i thought it was a real experience....but unfortunately no. > <