Friday, October 07, 2011

Sasha cook: Homemade Tofu

Since I made some soya bean milk, I thought "hey why not try and make some tofu out of it since I have so much soya milk. I remember Malaika and Kelsey's mum made this before so I quickly google for it and started making it right after I was done with my soya bean milk.

You need :
500ml of soya milk, unsweetened
6 eggs
and 1/4 tsp of salt

Break the eggs and beat lightly. Then add in the salt and soya bean milk. You need to line the container of your choices with cling wrap and then strain the mixture into the container and steam it over low fire for 20 mins.

I made the mixture into 2 container cos my family is small so we don't need such a big portion. I gave another container to my neighbour. Cos she always cook for me and I think my cooking is not so nice. So I thought why not give raw food and she cook it herself. hehe

And this is how it looks like when I removed it from the container.
Since it's made of egg and soya bean milk, so its yellowish in colour

And this is what I prepared for my family that night.
Sorry ah.. my presentation skill is very bad terrible. 

Simple meal with some soya sauce and sesame sees oil sprinkled on top. I added abit of sugar and then fried some shallots and pour it over the tofu. I wanted to sprinkle some spring onions on top but I don't have it in my kitchen.

(Self Reminder: buy some spring onion next time and keep in the kitchen or plant own so will have own supply anytime)

Personally I think its very easy to make your own tofu. If you don't have any homemade soya bean milk, you can always go to the soya bean seller and ask for the unsweetened one and its the same. But once I bough a bottle of unsweetened soya bean milk in a bottle, went home and found out that it is spoilt. So since then I never thought of making it until I prepared my own soya bean today. Try it, its easy :)


  1. My family's favourite - taufu !

  2. nice and smooth homemade tofu... well done !! :)

  3. My boy's fav! He prefers simple and yet healthy dishes. :)

  4. Wow, you are good! Thanks for sharing. I'll try it one day :) Delicious and all made with love :D

  5. Ooh, so this is how you make the Japanese tofu... looks very easy. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely try this one day :)

  6. where's the like button?????

  7. quite firm pun.. I thought it'll be soft soft....

    Next time must try also.

  8. hey there! :D i'm the girl who so enthusiastically said hello to you at the big bad wolf book sale. sorry if i startled you, i realise in retrospect that i might have been too over-enthusiastic when i recognised your sons. d'you know what's weird? i come across quite a few "famous" people and i don't even get that excited. lols. i think it's probably because i've loved reading all the funny antics of your sons and appreciate you sharing all the stories of motherhood. at any rate, i just wanted to say hi (again) and please don't stop writing!! :D

  9. wonder how it taste like? hmm..must try!