Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Magic Plaster

We're at Summit and  I noticed that Jayden had scratched his leg and some blood was oozing out pretty badly. So I went to the nearby Guardian and wanted to pick up some "ordinary" plaster that will cost me less than rm3 a pack. Jayden came in dragging his feet as though its so painful and asked me to buy another plaster. "this one better" he said. Fine, I bought it although it's Rm5.90 for 10pcs pack.

So I put it on for him and instantly he smiled. And he can even walk properly now. Magic plaster? I don't know.

See can stand straight , right away!

Told you its magic plaster.

He likes Finn McMissile cos he is blue. That pc of plaster just costs me 59cents per piece.
But since its magic plaster that can heal instantly, 59 cents also worth it lah right? :P


  1. Nice tattoo plaster! I didn't know plasters are so canggih nowadays. I must go check it out. For that smile and instant healing, RM5.90 is worth it. :)

  2. 59 sen is a vy small price to pay for such "magic". :)

  3. This magical plaster is very nice and cute. No wonder Jayden was all smile after putting it on. It worths the price.

  4. I love Nexcare plaster, always with nice cartoon picture on it. I like to collect them.

  5. nice nice, I'm gonna keep a lookout for this :-)

  6. definitely worth it.. I will get some when I got back next year...