Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sasha Cook: Lemon Coke Chicken Wings

I suck at cooking.


No Joke.

So I told myself, no more cooking the same crap everyday. I need to explore more recipes and make dinner more enjoyable and not just merely making my kids full.

So I went to google google and I stumbled across a recipe, Lemon Coke Chicken Wing. But I didn't save the recipe.

And then I went to the wet market and stood like an idiot in front of the chicken seller and she asked "yes? nak apa?" I just pointed at the chicken wing and bought 5 chicken wings home. Totally forgotten what the recipe ingredients are, I just simply hantam the recipe.

I marinated the chicken with lemon juice , pepper and also some grated lemon for about half a day in the fridge.

Then I pan fried the wings till its cooked and then I poured in some coke (of course), some brown sugar and some soya sauce. Let it simmer and the sugar and coke will caramelised into thick sauce. oh la la...

Jayden said "mami, this chicken taste like coke and lemon" and ate 3 drumlets. The tiny one had 2 I think. I , myself like it. I asked my hub he said "okay ler....". Okay so here goes something new for myself. Now, I gotto go and think of what to cook next. tata


  1. I like the way you said,"hantam saja". you know I am going back to the kitchen again,cos I just discovered my Jovial has a passion for cooking, I kind of wanting to create a father and son ,,cooking fun time together kind of stuff,,,

    so,by instinct and by hantam saja,i think i can do it,,

  2. i have read recipes using coke for chicken and pork. now u explain and I finally understand its usage in cooking. U cook so well la!

  3. This is a type of confinement dishes. I like it.

  4. Years ago my Mum cooked b4, but I never try to cook by myself, perhaps tomorrow I will success. ^_^