Thursday, October 13, 2011

Use Your Heart

Was at shichida with Justin and there was this section where there are 3 cards, you turn them over and mix it up. And your gotto to try and locate the special card by guessing. This is to build the confidence for the kid and the intuition of guessing.

So he tried to find , failed. He told me "mami, i found the wrong one".

I said "it's okay. Try again. And maybe you should close your eyes and use your heart to feel the card that you wanna find".

And he said "okay".

He closed his eyes, and put his hand on the middle card.

He flipped it and it was the right card.

He was super happy and excited.

And he said he wanna do it again.

So I mixed the cards up, and he closed his eyes and found the card again.

I was kinda emo that day because I was in doubt over some matter and couldn't decide. And then I told myself, just follow my heart and decide. So I said the same thing to Justin and he did it. And guess what, I followed my heart and I was right too.

And after I did that, I overheard the parents next to us whispered to the kid "You cannot find ah? Nevermind you close your eyes and use your heart to feel okay?"




  1. Yes.. Always follow our heart. So did you make a right decision too?

  2. what's shichida? :\

  3. Yvonne: Yeah. I was right ;)

    SGRMSE: oh its a japanese right brain training. You check it out in google under shichidamethod :)