Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who Killed The Fish?

He came down and told me that someone killed my goldfish. I knew who the killer was but then I just gotto test and see what he said

Actually I bought another gold fish (white and red) and the new guy attacked my old gold fish. So that was the killer but this lil guy said that Jayden is the murderer, while the brother is innocently playing ipad in the room. Terrible guy :P

Usually when I flip my phone he'll run away and refused to be videoed. But don't know why today I manage to "interview" him and he 'layan-ed' me. He even lie down on the floor and acted how the fish is  sleeping sideways but 2nd interview he refused to do it again. haha Better keep this and show him next time  :D


  1. this is too funny ! Justin .. oh Justin... he can tell a real good story without batting an eyelid.
    Make sure you have backup for this video . Priceless !

  2. Hahahahahahahhaaha that was so ultra cute. He looked so innocent there!

  3. lol kesian, u make him confused already! hahaha

  4. wuahahhaahahaa......SO cute lah..and u got it on video!