Friday, October 07, 2011

Sasha Cook: Homemade Soya Bean Milk

I have always wonder how is it like to make my own soya bean milk. So while shopping at Jaya Grocer, I saw a pack of soya bean and bought it. It was around Rm2.60 for that pack. Forgot how heavy it is and didn't bother cos I thought I'll fail making it.

So I soaked the bean overnight and it became huge, almost doubled the size. So I microwaved it for 2 mins to get rid of the beany smell and then only blend it with some water. The straining part is the hardest as I used the finest strainer (for kopi-O) so I had to use my hands to squeeze the milk out. My son said "mami, are you "milking" the soya? haha So finally was the cooking part. I manage to get some pandan leaves from my garden and put in together with the soya bean milk and cooked it for 20 mins. Voila! Soya bean milk is ready.

It is easy, but of course there are alot of washing to do. The blender, the strainer, the containers, the pot and also the kitchen. If only I have the super Thermomix machine that can do it all in the machine in 20 mins time. *sigh* But nevermind.... before I can save enough money to buy it, I'll just do it manually, long time once. hehe
Jayden enjoying his soya bean milk - mami's brand. 


  1. Sounds so easy to cook. But I saw MIL have to boil and kept on stir and stir the soya milk for about an hour or so.

  2. Soy drink is simply the best.