Monday, October 24, 2011


What's BYOB you ask? Its Bring Your Own Bottle. It's a place where you can bring your own bottle/containers to fill up cleaning agents like dishwashing liquid, detergent powder and so on. So when I saw my friends liking it in FB, I went to check it out. Surprisingly my friend was the owner. But since the shop is in Kajang and I hardly go over that part of the world, I asked him to tell me if he is coming over to PJ and then maybe I can ask him to bring some for me. So happen my other friend, Frostier went to visit BYOB, so he helped me to bring some back.

From left to right : Dishwashing Liquid, Softener, Dettol Gel and MopShine.

All these costs me Rm11.40 only, Cheap right? Why is it so cheap? Cos everything in the shop are recyclable items including the interior.
No fancy smanchy high tech stuff. Purely just come with your own container, fill it up and pay. There's no advertising cost, No cost for the containers. 

You can check them out at BYOB Fb page for the range and price list. I was looking forward to try the Dettol Gel. Cos, you might not know this but.... I like to scrub toilets. When I ran out of idea or when I feel stressed up, I'll go scrub toilet.  No joke. So toilet cleanser is very important to me. And true enough that day I tried to scrub my toilet with it, I felt satisfied. The dettol smell is like.. telling me "I am very clean!". Haha

And the Mop&Shine is good too. I used it after I have renovated my house. Imagine the thickness of the dust after renovation. Took me almost 1.5 weeks to clean the house and I ended my cleaning session with the Mop & Shine. I must say for that price and the effect after cleaning, I think its worth it.
My lil boy chilling on the newly mopped floor. Its been a long time since he can lie down on our own floor cos the reno took so long and I took even longer to clean the house myself. haha Ah well, finally my reno is over and my cleaning routine is back to normal. 


  1. wah...a very creative biz idea. But do u mean they buy the solution in bulk? Are they real ?

  2. hi mummy to QiQi!

    To answer your question, we make our own detergents and not buying it bulk from other manufacturer. That way we are in control of the raw material used will have to be environmentally friendly. :)