Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Visit To The Dentist

Brought kid No.1 to the dentist cos' 2 of his teeth started to grow inward even before the old one went off. Worried that the new teeth will grow very ugly, I brought him to the dentist to ask for opinion. So as soon as we got to the dentist, JD started to nag and scold me saying that he won't let the dentist touch him or let him remove his teeth. Since we went around 3.30pm, we're the only customer at that time and in no time we're in the dentist's treatment room. He refused to go in, made a whole lot of noise and finally I managed to get him into the room but still, he refused to sit down.

Dentist: Come, JD. Come and sit down. Let Dr see what's wrong with your teeth.
JD: Nothing WRONG LAH! Nothing! No need to SEE!
Me: Aiyoh.. JD please lah. Sit down. Just sit down okay?

and he went to sit down and both dentist and myself wanna faint. Why?

He sat like this

With his legs up at the head-rest! He did it cos he was angry and scared at the dentist not because he doesn't know how to sit at the chair. Speaking about being defiant!

The dentist eyes went big and he got a shocked. I think this was his first time seeing someone doing this. he went speechless!

And for me, aiyoyoyoyoyoyo I know that he likes to do this at home and once in post office (and his leg actually accidently hit someone's body and got that person pissed like hell) but I have never expected him to do this at the dentist. MY GOD! Paiseh-ness! I don't know wanna laugh first or to cry first seriously! haha

Immediately I asked him to turn around and sit properly. Reluctantly, he sat and then more headache. Dr asked him to open his mouth, he opened it realllly small. Then he said "bigger please" and he add in probably like few mms. "bigger please..." he opened another few mms. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH REALLY BIG JAYDEN!" that's the "call" to indicate 'you better not play a fool anymore or else mami's gona turn into a monster soon!'. So Dr checked and said yeap, the new teeth is coming out but the old one is still very firm and if we were to remove the old one now, he might be in more pain. So we need to wait for a month of observation, hopefully the teeth will fall off by themselves (and can save money, he!he!) and plus Dr said "Cooperation is very important! but looking at your son's condition, I don't think I can do it. If he is not ready and if we were to continue with this, this will traumatize him and make him scared of dentist".

So then dentist checked on my wisdow tooth and told me that it's better for me to go for the operation and remove it before it do more harm to me. But he kept emphasizing to me that I should not bring my kids with on the day of the surgery. And before leaving his wife/nurse said to me "haha your kids very active. I can imagine how tired you are" and the dentist added "Your kids ..are not only active, they are HYPERACTIVE!".

Well, I get that all the time. ;)


  1. ah hahahahahaha!! so funny, kid can really think "out of the box",
    anyway, I love your ninja theme, can start to do merchandise liao :)

  2. hahhaa... cham lo... next time u better bring some strings or rope? the doc might want to do that.. haaha...

  3. hahhhaahahaahha...did he still complain after you left the dental clinic? it's good that he didn't scream or cry while on the chair. eh..did the dentist say that normally the teeth would fall out on its own?

  4. I do feel your pain. You have a very patient dentist and I think you are quite a patient mom too! :)

  5. Wish i was there to see it! Kekeke!

    U knw wat, everyyyyone i meet will say gibran is hyper too. Huhhhh... Boys will be boys la!

  6. That was funny with JD sat terbalik on the chair. Hahaha.. My boy was hyperactive too at JD's age but now that he's 8, I can see some improvement, still active but not hyper for sure. So no worries, mommy. ;)

  7. I was LMAO when I read this. I was nursing my son and I could not even stop shaking. My son looks at me like why am I shaking..LOL..he's so cute!

  8. Hahaha...the dentist really surrender to Jayden. Yes, I can imagine how tired you are. I got one hyperactive cow at home too :)

  9. Ha ha... can sit upside down somemore!! Really speechless!

    Hope the teeth will drop by itself. As a kid I HAAAATED dentist visits. Will scream my head of each time ;)

  10. I have phobia seeing dentist as I had bad experience before, whereby the doc insisted to pull out my tooth which was still tighten just because another new tooth was about to sprout....KNS..i hate dentist!

  11. lol! Now I know why you will "Au Huit" and get stressed most of the time. Kids being kids, boys being boys, who is not hyperactive in their age? Enjoy your motherhood with these two little cheeky boys.

  12. Hopefully the old teeth will drop off by themselves so he doesn't hv to visit the dentist any time soon.

  13. Haha! It must've been really tiring to take care such a hyperactive kid! By the way, you did the right thing to bring Jayden to the dentist so they can see to his teeth's condition. So did everything went well after a month? I sure hope he didn't have a fear of the dentist after having his baby tooth extracted.

    Clinton Zelman