Friday, November 04, 2011

Bullied - The Pencil Case

Ai.....the last time I blogged about JD got bullied in school, things got better. I checked his pencil case yesterday and I saw he had 2 pencils and one mechanical pencil that his dad bought for him. This morning i checked again, he has only ONE short pencil in his pencil case. I asked him what happened to the other 2 pencils and he said "someone" took it. I said "Nevermind, next time just bring one pencil and don't bring anymore expensive pencils to school"

When I got into his class, I just briefly asked the teacher that if she happens to see JD pencils around. Immediately she asked everyone to take out their pencil case and she went and dug everyone's bag to find it for me. Everyone took out the pencil case and to my surprise a few of them has really nice, long, perfectly sharpened pencils. Some even had like 5 pencils in the pencil case. Of course, we didn't find the pencils and so I said "it's okay lah". What to do right?

Then teacher asked everyone to write their name on the paper that she had just distributed and guess what? 2 boys ran from another table, came to my son's table (he shared table with another boy and girl) and snatched the other boy's pencils (2 pencils) and gave him a broken pencil. They went back to their own table and began to write their name. I saw the incident cos I was standing right in front of them. So I confronted the 2 boys "Why did you take JC's pencil? You have so many long and sharpened pencils (yes, he is the one with 5 nice pencils) in your pencil case". He replied "Cos I don't wanna use my own pencil". I said "No. Use your own. Give it back to JC". He said "Nope!" and continued to write his name. Angry or not you say????? I said to the boy "JC, go ask them to return your pencil. Don't let them bully you". He just stood there with his broken pencil and wanted to cry.

Damn sad i-tell-yiu! So I told the teacher and she immediately asked them to return the pencil to him and use their own pencil to write. I told her about the kids using JD's colour pencil and asking him to go and sharpen it for them. I told her , "I checked this morning and his yellow colour was this short!"


and their colour pencil are nicely arranged and sharpened in their own bag. How can? I mean not to say I'm being petty about things like this, but it's just not right. You know what I mean ah?

So teacher said to JD" JD Chan, next time they use your pencil and colour pencil, please come and tell me okay?" The other boy just looked down and kept quiet. Kesian! So I told him "JC, don't be scared okay. If they take your things next time just go and tell Teacher C. She will help you". He nodded and I can see tears in his eyes.

I thought to myself while driving back. If I wasn't there to witness it, then he would be bullied for don't know how long. And the mom has no idea about it cos I am so sure he is not gonna tell anyway. Cos no one told him its wrong. He just thought "okay...............i got one broken pencil.......sharpen it.......get to work..". And the other 2 kids, I am sure the parents don't know about it. But how come they never question why the pencils are always the same length and its perfectly sharpened all the time. 

Make me thought some more , how many parent actually know what is happening to their kids in school. Are they the one that bullied or the one that got bullied?


  1. how come the teacher dont know this is happening.. ie 2 boys running to another table when teacher ask them to do hw? by right everyone is seated ma. n suddenly 2 boys stand up n go over..surely the teacher know right...or the teacher got too many kids to handle?

  2. For few years my nephew got bullied in a boys' school, always come back with missing this and that.. my sister went to the class, complained so many times, no avail.. one time my brother who had long hair then also went to complain on behalf of my sister.. but my nephew is like lam tau foo, size like samo hung but just allows these few boys to climb over his head.. kind of sad.. but what to do.. last resort, my sis asked him to "fight back".. but of course, he didnt la.. he is not the fighting type.. my sis spent a lot on buying him all these stuff.. pencil cases, pencils, rubbers, colour pencils, rulers, and text books even..
    Thank God during my sons' time, they were not bullied.. maybe these bullies know who to bully one.. those bullies normally have a hard life at home.. that is why they bully to fend off bullies.. :)

  3. Sasha, I wish that I can be there to check on my girls. Unfortunately, I am a working mother. I admit that I seldom go to my girls' school, I pray that they are doing fine. Not getting bully by others and not bullying others. I saw many parents nowadays treating their children school like their second home, having small gathering and chitchatting there at anytime they like. They can observe their children's behaviour there. They can create friendship with all the teachers. I am kinda envy.

  4. Sorry for digressing from your topic. I just rant only.

  5. Lil Lamb: this class teacher is the best teacher in this sch and has the most students. Plus everyone was walking and there's 2 mums in the class, hard to notice also. And kids they are super fast.

    Caroliegrant:Yeah teach them to fight also wrong. Don't teach them to fight also wrong. Its just very hard to be a mum

    Sheoh Yan: hahah you never know , some moms complaint saying that those mums that hang around the sch are very KAYPOH and like to GOSSIP but they have no idea what we're talking about. Most of the stuff is about homework, the classes and also the kids behaviour - mostly sharing thoughts of our own kid and not gossiping about tom dick and harry.So don't worry. You're a good mum edi,. just ask them and talk to them when they're home :)

  6. Boys are boys.. wonder whether it happens to girls or not.. last time when my kids were young, they were ok, i think.. hahaha.. cannot remember .. maybe i never go checked their pencil cases ... :p or maybe last time less "bullies?" :)

  7. eh? dunno where my comment went.
    Now that the teacher knows what is happening in school, I suggest to just keep checking up with the teacher to see if there are any improvements in the future...

  8. good post, made me think too...must keep an eye on Jasper behaviour when it's his turn to go to sch!

  9. Hi,
    I totally understand how you feel. My boy experienced something similar. Worst was during his exam week where my boy brought 3 pencils and was left only 1 for him to use everyday. I came to the school and told the principal. She found the stolen pencils but most of them were broken into 2. I was frustrated because it was all brand new Faber Castle pencils bought just for the examination.

  10. samuel who is in primary 1 tis yr always got bullied by his classmates n he dare not speak or tell the teachers, n most of the time just sit there n cry, his dad got so angry n keep asking him to fight back, which i do not think this is the rite thing to do altho he needs to know how to protect himself.... any idea what i can do?

  11. qiqi got bullied often in her preschool whereby the super star in her class always ask the rest not to play with her or friend her. It was difficult for me to do anything but thank GOD hear our prayer and this girl did not go to the same school as qiqi in primary. Despite is a greater war out there now in primary school, we r amazed to see somehow qiqi is very much happier and she loves going to primary school.

    I hope it is a phase for Jayden too and he would stand up for himself one day as he grows up, just like qiqi.