Friday, November 25, 2011

Sasha Cook: Braised Ginger Spare Ribs with 5 ingredients only)

I suck at cooking and will always be cos I am so lazy to go and find the different ingredients (esp looonnng list) just to make one dish. So that day I found some spare ribs in my fridge. I thought hokay... let's check the recipe book and see what I can make. Wah! Wah! so many ingredients! Nevermind! Check google. wah! wah! the kwai lowe ones are even more ingredients. Okay Give up! So I went to check my fridge instead and found ginger & hoisin sauce. Don't know what is the end result will be like but what the heck? That's the only thing I have :P But I am happy to say I am quite happy with the end result.

So this is what I did:
1. Marinated the spare ribs with finely julienne ginger, ground black pepper, soya sauce and hoisin sauce. Notice that I do not have specific amount for each ingredients? well, that's me. Use your heart to cook! (I dumped everything into a tupperware and shake the fella up and yank it into the fridge for few hours. )
2. Took it out 1 hour before I cook in order for the meat to be room temp.
3. Pan fry the spare ribs first and once its slightly browned...
4. mix some water into the tupperware (with the extra marinate) and pour into the spare ribs. Make sure the water level is enough to cover the spare ribs.

5. Turn the fire to low setting and let it simmer and slowly till the sauce is thicken and the spare ribs are soft enough. If you want thicker sauce, you can thicken the sauce with some corn starch powder mixed with some water.
6. Serve with rice or you can even cook it with Yee Mee (add in at step 4)
Tadaa! My braised ginger spare ribs with hoisin sauce.


  1. For me, i dont have hoisin sause, so i put tau cheong to marinate.. then pow the garlic.. put in some tomatoes.. dump in the meat.. and put water.. oh, remember to add sugar.. then baru sedap! hahaha.. like u, no need all the "never-heard-of" ingredients! hahahaa..

  2. looks delicious.

  3. yum yum cant wait try! thanksssss babeeee

  4. may i know what's d soy sauce and hoisin sauce brands? tq.

  5. Looks yummy!
    I also sometimes improvise with whatever ingredients I can rummage in the fridge, but sometimes come up with weird stuff. he he.

  6. sabby: its lee kum kee brand

  7. Anonymous1:13 PM

    hi... like your photos frame which can have the date, time & comments... what apps is that? :)