Saturday, November 05, 2011

Disappointed Him

Today we went to school for parent's teacher meeting and also to take JD's report book. He asked me "mami, am I going to get no.1 again?". Knowing that he might not get no1 again, I told him "it's okay if you didn't get no.1 this time babe". He replied "No. I want to get no.1".

So as we entered the classroom, the teacher asked us to sit down and opened his file for us to see. From far, I can see his position in class. My heart sank. I know my boy will be disappointed.

"Jayden Chan, you get no.5"

Disbelief, he turned to me and looked at my face and said "Mami, what number did I get?"

I said "no. 5 babe. 5 out of 17".

His eyes went big, then became really small and he said ""

His results were 100% for Maths, English and BM. And 91% for chinese. 4 mistakes.

Teacher said "Jayden Chan, don't be sad. You are very clever you know? You got 3 100% and only did a few mistake in Chinese paper. You are considered very good already compared to others"

He hugged me and said "mami.. i don't want to get no5. I need to be no.1. Can you give me no1?"

"babe, you're no.1 in my heart. okay?" I said. 

Crying and smiling at the same time, he nodded. Then he turned and saw his teacher, he cried again and said "can you give me no1?"

I said "okay, I will go home and use a blue colour paper (cos his fav colour is blue) and I will write 'Jayden Chan No.1' for you okay?"

Dadi said "Jayden boy. You're dadi's no1 boy okay? It's okay if you didn't get no.1. At least you tried."

Teacher also told him that she will make a report card for him and write no1 for him. Then only he stopped crying. *wipe sweat*

To be honest, I know that he won't maintain his position in class this time. Because I know some of the parents really revised and brushed the kids up for this exam. And also JD is lack of discipline and refused to practice chinese writing. Always dily-daly when I asked him to do practice and it really pisses me off.  So I thought, well let him have it his own way. Let him try to go for this exam without practicing and then he won't get no.1 and he will know that he needs to practice and study more in order to get higher marks. The day came and true enough, it happened. He is sad, I am sad. But this ought to teach him that he need to listen to me when I asked him to practice writing so that he will improve and not because I want him to practice for the sake of making him busy.

Kids, gotto let them learn the hard way.

Tough love.


  1. No. 1 or No. 5, it doesn't really matter, what matters most is JD is always No. 1 in daddy and mommy's eyes. The competition gets even stiffer when he goes to primary school. I now encourage my boy, std 3 next year, to challenge himself instead and to maintain his scores than to focus on class positioning.

  2.'s hard to make a kid understand this. mine wants to be no. 1 car at the traffic light, no. 1 to go into the lift, etc. *pulls hair*

  3. Exam in kindy? Wahhhh!! At least he tried and wanted be #1. That's good.

  4. "Xin Fu Hau Thim"... He will appreciate more the next time he gets #1 again. :D

  5. Your boy is doing pretty good in his exam...Don't be sad..Keep ip up for next yr..

  6. At least he cares to want to be NO 1 always. That's motivation for you even at a young age :) Mine doesn't care if he's not No 1 anymore in chinese school (here in Perth)- it doesn't bother him. Sigh. OH well.....

  7. aiyo at kindy ady got positioning ka? not good hoh

  8. congrats to Jayden! Ashley and Aidan do not have exams in kindy though...but Ashley is also quite competitive when it comes to how far each student progresses in a book!