Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oven Cleaner From BYOB

When my maid was around, I don't know why my stove is usually black. I asked her to clean and she said "cannot". So when she left and I took over the house chores, I started to hunt for gadgets to make cleaning easier and faster. And at last, I managed to turn my stove from black into silver but still it'll never be perfect silver.

So then on, I am quite anal about my kitchen stove being dirty. I will not stop scrubbing or trying different products until its clean. So that day, I accidentally left my fire too big, soup spilled over and it got burnt on my stove and became black. And someone else burnt the other stove with maggie mee or something and it became equally black too. I usually use Mr Muscle's Foam degreaser and this costs about Rm25 for a bottle, which I think I used like 5 times? I managed to spray onto the right stove and didn't have enough for my left stove. My right stove was pretty clean but my left stove was, horrendous.

I tried with BYOB's kitchen degreaser, but only a lil came off.( But the kitchen degreaser works great on the other part of the stove and also the wall. Grease came off with just one wipe.) But this burnt mark is really hard to remove. So I asked BYOB's boss whether there is any product that can remove the burnt stain and he said "GOT!!". So I went to his shop and bought laundry detergent, dettol gel (i use alot of this to wash my porch cos my dog is there, pee, poo, eat - sigh), kitchen degreaser, body shampoo, dishwashing liquid, hand gel for my dad's workshop, kitchen scouring cream and what else ah? I forgot, too many things! and the bill came up to Rm50 ++ for so many things.

Anyway back to the stove story. As soon as I got home from BYOB I quickly tried the oven cleaner. Spray it all over and left it sit in for a while. This is my stove before using BYOB's oven cleaner.
Faster say EEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!

Sprayed some oven cleaner and went up to bath. Came down 15 mins later and gave it a good scrub.
I wasn't happy with the outcome and I smsed BYOB's boss (kesian, so late also still gotto layan me :P) and he told me to try it after I cooked something, when the oven is hot.
So I did it this morning.

Before and After.
It's not 100% clean but hey, it's much better than when my maid was around so I'm pretty proud of myself edi.
How much did I spend?
Rm5 for one litre.

Before I was using Mr Muscle's Foam Degreaser and I spent Rm25 for the bottle that can be used for 5 times only and now I am spending Rm5 for 1 litre of oven cleaner from BYOB and there's alot left over. Guess this will last me for a year :P


  1. wow.that is pretty good. Am heading to their FB now

  2. As good as new, Sasha! Sure a good kitchen cleaner from BYOB!! and cheap too!

  3. wahhhwei.. used toothbrush only? reminded me of my friend who told me that she used toothbrush to clean the bathroom tiles!
    hey, the BYOB.. very good wor... too bad IPOH no have.. so I never brush.. hahaa.. my stove is black in color one.. i purposely bought it black so that i cannot see the blackness in the silver.. :)

  4. Hehehe.. like Claire, mine too orginally in black colour.. The BYOB cleaner sure sounds good and the price is reasonable too. Gotta check it out.. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow...as clean as new one. I don't know what you call that part that was burnt. Mine can be removed one so very easy for me to clean.

    Ok must note down BYOB. Thanks for sharing.

  6. aisey must go to this byob la... how lah, so far..

  7. wow, this is good. i wish BYOB has delivery!!

  8. I must go n check out BYOB liau...

  9. wah..now u get a new stove wor.

  10. Hi Sasha :) thanks for sharing this awesome product! I have a question though, wouldn't using a brush scratch the surface of the stove?

  11. wow... betul-betul shine wor. Thanks for sharing!!!