Thursday, November 10, 2011

Au Huit (vomit blood) *oek*

So, he said he wanna improve and practice ma. So fine la. I have him some worksheet.

The first day he saw the worksheet and began to whine and said "I don't like this.... Can I not do this? yada yada yada yada yada yada yadaaaaaaa and yadaaaaaaaaa"

I said "fine!" I tore the paper and throw into the rubbish bin.

I said "Now you don't need to do it, ever!" I packed his school bag and his pencil case and put it in a big plastic bag and out it outside my main door. "Now, you don't have to go school at all too".

He cried cried cried and then went upstairs and played ipad. Yipeeee HAPPIIIEEE only!

Mother angry? Sad? What is that? Ipad! HAPPPIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Then I said "get into the car!" And sent him for tuition.  No one said a word. Justin said to me after Jayden went down "mami.. is it because he din't do his homework, you send him to another aunty house?"I just kept quiet.

Then he came back and he played ipad the whole day, I was pissed. I smacked him, and he did some writing. One stroke.. look left. Another stroke , look right. like it took forever for him to write ONE word.

When his dad came back, I went up to bath. I asked him to feed the kids. By then, he finished and asked me to see. But I was just too frustrated with his attitude. He said sorry and said that he will do homework when I ask him to do. But I Just ignored him. After that, I got dressed and took titi along with me and drove off. Justin asked again "So :) where are we going? Tropicana? Giant (Jaya) Grocer?" I said "I don't know. I am very sad. I just need to drive somewhere (and find food for dinner). So I went to my parents and bought Mcd for dinner. By the time I got home, he was happily playing ipad , looked at me and gave me the look "oh, great. you're still around. Oh well... continue to play ipad".

Who says SAHMS got no pressure? No Deadline? I felt like as if my DEADLINE is so damn near. I went to bed with a sleeping pill and woke up middle of the night. Every night also the same case. I just cannot sleep thinking about how rebellious this dude has become. I admit, that I am extremely strict with him because Justin really look upon him as his IDOL *with stars and glitter on the head*. And whatever kor kor say, it's true and right. And since he has set his standard so high, if he misbehave a bit I will tend to get very upset. So for him to act so rebelliously last night is really a killer for me. Imagine if you were to offer him an ice cream, he'd turn to me and ask me first "can I eat ice cream?" If I were to say NO, he wouldn't even touch the ice cream. He is THAT good. So sigh... My heart is broken. I am so lost.

So morning came, i woke him up and got down to prepare his lunch box. He said sorry to me in the morning but I just don't feel like talking to him. Sent him to school without a word. He tried to hold my hand in school but I brushed him off. I am THAT disappointed with him.

Then I went to pick him up and he ran out from the house and wanted to hug me. But I stopped him. And he held back. Evil? I can be when I am too angry. Came back and what else? Ipad lah. I waited and waited to see whether he remember what he said last night about doing homework. Nope. Ipad HAPPIEEE only. tik tok tik tok 2,3,4,5,6 pm. I said to him , do you know it's 6 o clock now. And you are still wearing your sch uniform? He quickly went and change. Then continue to play ipad again. I said sometimes i felt like taking a hammer and hammer the ipad into tiny pieces. He stopped playing and followed me to the kitchen. As i was cooking, I told him "your homework is on my bed" And he just stare at me , point blank. I said "when I knock the wall, at least the wall will reply with TUK TUK sound. You? worst than talking to a wall". And he quickly go up and took the book down and began to write.

I was collecting and folding laundry when he came out. "I am done. Can I love you again?"

I said "If you do one more page nicely then maybe you can love me again"

He went back in and wrote another page. "Done! Can I play ipad?"


I said "fine. This is the deal. If you write one page homework, you can play 10 mins. Now you wrote 2 pages, you can play 20 mins" And i set the timer on my iphone.

I waited and waited.. "eh.. how come so long still 19 mins geh?"

Then I saw 19:26:55. Damn. I set 20hours instead of 20 mins. *slap forehead* Manyak bodoh! Sigh.. this is the effect of no proper sleep for days.

So, now here's the deal. One page homework = 10 mins ipad games. How long can we last? I really don't know. But these few days, I really vomit blood.


  1. Sasha, confiscate the ipad, habis cerita!

  2. ya confiscate the iPad.

  3. wow.. i should let my kids read this.. thank God during their younger days, no iPad, only TV.... :)

  4. Maybe you give him a time like when he gets back from school he can play 30 mins than evening another 30 min then before bed?

    Hope you feel better soon and find of more creative way to deal with your boys :)

  5. JD is always understanding so I'm sure he didn't mean to upset you. Maybe he's addicted to a particular game? You know, like us? Remrmber many mions ago, we day night also play err can't remember the FB game now. Neh.. The one we grow fruits on farm?

  6. I am very strict, since my boy was 6, we have this house rule that says no TV on weekdays but he can have "his day" on Saturdays where he gets to do whatever he wants: watch TV, games, PSP (no ipad as we don't hv one) PROVIDED he behaves well and finishes his homework OR "his day" will be burnt.. Me.. sound like a tiger mum, hor.. haha..

  7. Why don't you just put the ipad somewhere else that he cannot reach? I also got an ipad at home and I downloaded mostly interactive games. After playing with it for a while my girl (3 years) got bored and nowadays she won't even take the ipad and play with it.

  8. yeah I did confiscate the ipad for few days. Then I thought i don't wanna hide it from him. I want him to come and do what he is supposed to do and then do whatever he wants after that. Cos I trained him like even when my sister brought him to the toy shop, he won't walk into the toy shop until he asked my permission, even when you put an ice cream right in front of his mouth he won't eat it until i nod.

  9. This is a reflection of how it is to be like a SAHM hahhah, don't worry dear,one day yout two Js will grow up fast by then new set of problme,,,

    I am not sure you know this chinese proverb,,养儿一百年,长忧九十九。。。。。

    have a great weekend

  10. Hi Sasha,

    Firstly, I seriously think that you are too stress up, not good for your health at all. Try not to take too much sleeping pills.

    Try to talk to him nicely and explain the "rules" to him. I think you were angry for too long..unless it is a very very very major mistakes he has done, or else, try not to keep the anger for more than a day. I don't think he understands your "anger" too. (But seriously I know it is hard especially when you are too "disappointed" but remind yourself that he is just a kid.)

    Lastly, take it easy (though it is easy to say) and you are not ALONE. Every mother has their moments like this. Just let go a bit and you won't be too stress up.

    Take care and SMILE...Wish you a happy weekend ahead..:)

  11. sigh! not easy being a parent huh....for me, my weapon is the ipad :P If they get to collect 50 stars from a list of good behavior (which would usually take them mon-sat to earn), then they can use the ipad. Nevertheless, to each their own right? Whatever works for us doesnt necessarily will work for others. Hope you find a way to tame him :P

  12. Sasha, after reading all your 3 related posts, I feel you. I just suggest you to fix a routine for your kids, study time, TV time, play time and meal time.

  13. you might got too frustrated because you compare the good old obedient jayden with now. take it easy babe....finish homework first then only play ipad, how about that

  14. I never have Ipad, or even Iphone, or PS3 etc etc (no pc at home even) for that exact reason