Monday, September 05, 2011


We're having dinner with my parents at this shop in Seapark and the the waitress that served us had only one eyes opened and the other one stitched up. ( Very obviously stitched up ) and I know that my kids surely will ask about it. So I asked her to come behind them to tell her our order but Jayden managed to see her before that and she whispered to me "tak apa kak. Biar dia tanya...". Jayden was very surprised and he pointed at her with the facial expression like as if he saw a ghost ( sorry, I know very rude but I don't know what other words can express his expression)


Me: Shhhhhhhhh don't point. Very rude to point at ppl like that.

JD: *stop pointing* MAMI!!!! WHY??? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER EYES??????

Me: aiyoh Jayden! *cover his mouth* shhhhhhhh don't ask so loud. Very rude.

JD: BUT! BUT! BUT WHY??? Where is one more eye? WHO SEW HER EYES?!!!

Me: *cover his mouth* shhhh Jayden . Don't ask so loud. Please! *whisper* If you want to ask, you can whisper to me after she leaves okay?

JD: *still in shocked* Why?Why like that??

Me: *after the waitress left* well.. maybe she was holding a fork and she fell down and the fork accidently poked her eyes?

JD: *Eyes opened BIG, in shock and puts down his fork*

Me: yeah...Or maybe a chopstick...Or she run around and then she fell hard on something sharp.. anything can happen wan.

JD: but why mami? why like that?

Me: cos.... when your eyes spoiled right.. cannot fix back wan. If you injured yr eyes, or poked it.. then you will be blind. and then since the eyes spoiled edi then need to remove the eyes and then removed edi then you will have a hole in your eyes. So how? Sew it back la

JD: *shocked*  BUT WHY??? WHY???

Then the waitress came to put our drinks down and she whisper again "tak apa kak... tak apa...* and smiled

JD: *Pointed again* MAMI! why her eyes like that!

Me: aiyohhh Jayden.. please lah. *held his hands and cover his mouth*

Waitress : tak apa kak. Biar dia tanya.

Me: Sorry.. sorry..

JD: *mumbles *

ME: Jayden. Stop this at once! I told you its very very rude.

JD: But Why! Why I cannot point?

Me: Because she will be very sad.

JD: Why? Why she will be sad?

Me: What if you fall down and then people point at you and ask Why that boy fall down? Why that boy got blood coming out from the leg? Why Why Why? Will you be sad?

JD: Yes.

Me: Then it's the same for the chehcheh. She lost her eyes edi. So she is sad. And then you point point and ask like that , you think she will be sad or not?

JD: Yes.

Me: so... next time if you see anyone got no eyes, or no leg, or no hand, you mustn't spoint and ask so loud. Wait for them to leave then you wan quietly ask me.

JD: okay...........

Then the waitress waked pass again

Me: *slap forehead* aiyoh  Jayden!!! enough already!

And then the waitress swapped area with her colleague and served the other side of the restaurant and my headache ended.

My god! Really paiseh with my Jayden that night. He was so shocked and couldn't accept my explanation at that point. But the funny thing is, you know that Jayden has very sepet eyes right? After that night his eyes are bigger, not naturally but I can see that he tried to opened them wider. Don't know why. hehe


  1. Hahahha. Had to laugh la so funny. No worries la when my kids were younger they are still the same. Asking the moat awkward question of all! Lol.

  2. ROTFL!! This is really funny. Sorry can't help laughing. JD must be very scared of holding the fork and chopsticks now :D It's hard to really make them understand these things :P Mine would keep asking when she sees the handicap beggars in pasar malam :(

  3. Good that they asked so that they dont simply run around with sharp objects anymore.. educational question.. :)

  4. LOL! Sounds funny now but i think at that very moment, I would be so stressed :P

  5. I couldn't stop laughing (I know, I know...not nice, but just cannot tahan) especially towards the end cos he kept on asking the same q after all your explanation!
    Can't really blame him either. After all, how often we see someone with one eye stitched up??

  6. OMG... I was laughing so hard as I read your post. I like how you took the opportunity to teach Jayden not to run while holding a sharp object. I could just picture that conversation between yourself and Jayden.

  7. Should ask Jayden to read the book I reviewed

  8. LOL!! CAn't stop laughing on your post!

  9. But the way you told him why her eye like that is very good, at least he will be careful when holding sharp thing in future.