Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Say It

I was packing some stuff in boxes to get ready for renovation. And then Justin stood in front of me. So in a hurry , I said "Move..move..."

He put his hands to his waist and said "You need to say it"

I was pissed cos I was trying to clean up fast and there he was blocking my way. "Aiyoh please lah! Move lah!"

And he said to me in a very calm voice "you must say, excuse me".

Kantoi, I thought. So I said "CAN YOU PLEASE EXCUSE ME!"

And very calmly he said "oh okay, and skipped away".



The other day he asked me for something (which i forgot what was it, out of memory edi now) and ...

JT: Thanks!
Me: *silent- walked away in a hurry to do something*
JT: *followed* hey mami.. you forgot to say something ah...
Me: what? *know what he wants me to say but saja wanna tease him*
JT: you must say something ah....
Me: what? I don't know what you're trying to say
JT: *pissed* you know! you MUST say something when I say Thanks!
Me: oh? what is it? I dunno wor...
JT: *tearing and kicking* You know wan! YOu must say!
Me: *lol* I don't know!
Me: oh..... you're welcome.
JT: *wipe tears* oh okay..*skipped away*
Me: :|


  1. funny tis cute little boy..and mommy is so bad..purposely tease him...hahaha..

  2. adoi....................Justin!

  3. Sometimes we don't learn from out little ones,don't we?

  4. i tell u, jd is mister sweetness and jt is mister hilarious!