Thursday, September 08, 2011

Best Broom & Mop or Sweeper *updated*

Okay, its aunty silai moment now.

I must, MUST share with you this.

I used to use this sweeper from Scotch Brite.

Its approx Rm50 for this. And you need to remove the micro fibre using yr hands, hand wash and then stick and seal both the sides before you can start to clean again. I like this cos it acts like a broom and mop at the same time. But then as the days goes by, the velcro on the sides started to disappear. Not forgetting the refill microfibre is about Rm30. Not cheap.

And then I saw this that day. Scotch Brite's New Quick Sweeper!
Same thing, but:
1. Cheaper. I bought mine at Rm26.90 from carrefour.
2. Refill is Rm 12.90
3. Brighter Colour!
4. Just remove the cloth, wash and stick it back. No need to seal the sides and all.

You know why I am so damn excited about this? You know I don't have a maid and I need to do things FAST. With this, I can sweep and mop at the same time. There's another one with the wet tissue thinggy, but I dislike the after cleaning effect. I felt that its abit sticky. I prefer cleaning with water.

Okay, I added this cos few ppl asked me how to use this thinggy. You see the microfibre cloth (darker green) can be removed. And if you wanna use it wet, just run it under water and wring it like how you dry a towel. Then just stick it back to the sweeper's body (velcro) and you can wipe/mop the floor, wall, wherever you wanna wipe. Or if you wanna use it dry as a sweeper also can. But for me I use it wet cos it lifts the dirt and also mop at the same time. Since it's not so wet, there's no water mark/trail on my tiled floor.

Tell you a joke. I was at my SIL's place that day and her maid  told me "aiyoh got one new vacuum ah.. very good one! You use ah.. no need to sweep and mop. One time, the floor very clean already!" I said "wah so good? Show me!" And she pulled me to the clothes drying rack and showed me the mircofibre cloth. "This one lah!" hahahha I laughed, cos I thought she was talking about the vacuum cleaner I am longing to buy, Ergorapido from Electrolux. But this vacuum can't reach under my bed cos its kinda low and the vacuums head is kinda fat. So I think I'll settle for this Quick Sweeper for now, until I decided to buy lottery , strike it and then maybe I'll consider to buy. hehe


  1. thanks for sharing this. Should chech this out, since now i have to do the sweeping and mopping myself!!!

  2. it's a better than vacuum la

  3. thanks for sharing!!!

  4. How come Annie Kiu has to be part time maid herself now ah?

  5. I got the first broom that u hv too. but how to clean? u pluck out all the hair/dirt by hand or ?? i find that too troublesome. now i dont even use it jor.

    btw, i thought u got one of those robots?

  6. thanks for sharing... will go look at actual thing @ c4 when I have the chance :-)

  7. yes thanks for sharing this!! i'm gona ask H to buy this today! lol! oh did i tell u we're maidless, again? some more in confinement. maids are nothing but trouble, seriously.

  8. wa wa wa! must buy, thanks for sharing, i was looking at one of this, as my cosway's broken already...
    my friend mentioned about 3M, or scotch brite before... hehe...
    yes, i hav the ergorapido, but i've to say, the performance does deteriorate with time... so, this will be good...

  9. oops.. just realized, it IS 3M :)
    cos, i was just checking up the products on the internet :)

  10. Carrefour selling RM39.10. No more promo. Thought I'll get one for use. Thanks for sharing.