Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The PURPLE one lah...

We're at supermarket and JT was eating his yogurt in the cart. The lady behind us was staring at him cos he was concentrating so hard with the yogurt and he was so dirty. So she made some funny faces and teased him...

JT: someone is looking at me.

Me: it's okay la.

JT: someone is disturbing me.

Me: It's okay la.. don't bother la..

JT: she is disturbing me again.

Me: who lah? *pretend dunno*

JT: that purple wan lah

Me: haha, which purple one?

JT: the one wearing purple behind you lah

Purple Lady's dad: *speaking in teowchew* oi, you see you disturb ppl's son, now the son is complaining to the mother la

Purple Lady: hah? got meh?

Purple Lady's dad: he say the one wearing PURPLE colour, YOU LAH!

Purple Lady: *look at her own blouse* oh yeah hor! hahahhaha

Me: hahahaha

JT: *roll eyes*

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  1. did you find a hole and hide ? LOLOLOL !!