Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opps He did it again!

I tell you.

I think Justin has got this super power to hypnotise people, make them melt and buy things for him.

Just like this one.

Manage to hypnotise his dad to buy him a coffee maker from the "reduce to clear section". The father kept saying "want meh? Don't want lah".... He kept quiet and hold on to the toy, just sit in the cart and stare at the toy long long. And then the father like buta buta go and pay for it. :S You see, he did it again.

This is him, after he manage to hypnotise my sister to buy him a set of fish. All he did was hold on to it, and voila! He did it again.
Btw, he is in love with fish. Any kind of fishes and he knows most of the fish name/kinds. He said fish are friends, not food. But he likes to eat fish. :S

But what about me? Do I get hypnotised by him? 
hehe, most of the time...

I think I have immunity to get hynotised by him. 
Probably I have an anti-Justin-Hyponsis filter or something.

This is him, sleeping with a Talking-Toby. I refused to open and give it to him cos I asked him to clean his playroom and he didn't do a good job. So he held it tight and went to sleep with it.
Evil? hehe someone's gotto be the bad cop right?


  1. Hello Shasa :) I came from Eugene's site..

    Your son is so adorable! I think I will be hypnotize by him too.. haha

  2. hope this comment wont disappear :)

    I think for us mothers who spend more time with the kids compared to hubs or anyone else, we are not easily fooled by the kids.

  3. You really have strong immune system towards Justine's very naive and innocent look. lol!

  4. Coffee maker? Gor receipt. Can return gua

  5. with a face like that, how not to be hypnotized?

  6. Ha ha..I think I also have anti-hypnosis filter for my girl! Daddies can be so soft hearted!!! ;)

  7. Aw... When they do cute face, cut the floor rolling scene,
    Quite hard not to get hypnotized right?

  8. No one can resist those puppy eyes la :-)

  9. I think that's their tactic! Coz more often than not, when they act all demure and pitiful, you WILL end up buying it for them :P

    Hey, he doesn't dare or doesn't know to open the toy himself??