Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a GOOOODDD Idea!

So we're in a restaurant just now and just after they finished their lunch, it began to rain very heavily.

Me: Aiyoh! Rain lah. So heavy rain samo!

JD: Oh Rain! *damn happy*

JT: Ah! Mami! I GOT A GOOOOOOD IDEA! * eyes shinning*

Me: Oh what good idea?


Me: *chardou* haha Its a very good idea, IF we have an umbrella with us now.

JT: We can go to the car to get umbrella mah

Me: If I go to the car and get umbrella, then I will be wet right? If I have umbrella to walk to the car now, might as well I use the umbrella to bring all of us to the car, get it?

JT: Oh... *disappointed*

JD: *Happy- noticed that he is always very chirpy dude* We... Can cover our head like this!! *cover head with both hands*

Me: haha, but its raining so heavily then we'll be all wet. And if anyone of you get sick, then dadi will scold me you know?

JD: oh... *disappoiinted*

So we waited and waited until the rain turned into drizzle. So I thought we better get going cos our contractor is at home alone. So we did what we normally do, which is the bigger one will cover the smaller one with our t-shirt. But I was wearing a tight fitting blouse so I can't cover JD's head. Usually under this kind of situation, dadi will cover JD's head and I'll cover JT's head. So, I told JD to cover JT's head with his t-shirt and I will cover him with my body.

And so we did. And we walked like a caterpillar . The small one was enjoying it. His head was entirely in JD's head so he can't see a thing. And JD asked me the sweetest thing "Mami, I covered titi's head. But who will cover your head?"  

Kena drizzle also nevermind by then :)


  1. awwww....their conversations are so cute! must funny for all 3 of you to walk in the position :D hope the car was not parked far away or else mommy will be very wet :)

  2. I got a better daddy to bring the umbrella. LOL

  3. JD is such a thoughtful boy. You raise him well.

  4. This sentiment is so sweet and thoughtful. Good son you have there.

  5. good idea. This is sooo sweet!

  6. very cute.. I can just imagine your little family.. from small to big.. covered by each other's tee :D

  7. did u come up with that drawing as illustration.. watt chut cheong.. heheee...

  8. cute! and wah...ada illustration somemore:)

  9. u even did an illustration for this post? WOW!

  10. JD sounds like a dream husband in the making! :)

  11. Such a thoughtful remark. Feeling so "lum" dy!

  12. aiyo, so funny... but i'll never do that, usually... since we still carry a diaper bag, inside the nappy, or my towel, i'll just wrap my baby's head...
    but your case is heavy rain la... t-shirt will help?

    anyway, when you mentioned "caterpillar", ooh... remind me of one horror film i saw online, (never watched though, don't wanna puke) ie. human centipede i think... arrghh... hope won't give you nightmare...

  13. Barb: it was already drizzling so not so wet.

    Michelle: In fact i did sms my hub but he was too far away

    Inspired Mum + Sheoh Yan +Poh Nee + Dinah +Angelin: TQ :)

    Elaine tan + Elaine Lee + Soo Y: haha yeah.

    ReanaClaire+ ChinNee: ai.. i design wan ma. so practise abit lor.

    Choong: Oh no la.. we went walking after it started to drizzle so not so wet

  14. awwwwwwwwww that jayden always says the sweeeetest things! a

  15. hopefully u didnt want a very short skirt n low cut blouse hor...;p *wink*

  16. hahaha... nice drawing...

    Jayden is a very thoughtful and considerate boy.... :)