Thursday, September 15, 2011

On His Actual Bday

backdated post (again!)

He officially turned 3 on the 10th , which is a Saturday. So we've been telling them to be good so they can attend titi's bday party on Saturday. So come Saturday both of them were so happy. When I broke the news to Jayden that Justin's party is only the 2 of them, his face changed and he was so disappointed. "Why so little people he asked me. Where are the rest?" (Long story cut short, too many things happened) I just said "it's okay, we just celebrate and have fun ourselves okay?" So off we went to KidsZone in Plaza Damas. When we got there, there were about 15 kids so it's pretty empty. Both of them enjoyed it, at first.
He kept asking me to take his picture with a pose like this. 

This is the lil guy and the big guy.
He was sleeping when we had our lunch before coming to kidszone. So he was hungry and I bought him sausage bun and soya bean drink for lunch.

So after lunch, he went straight to "work". When the ball flew out from the machine, he jumped flapping his hands. On and off he'll come and tell me that someone pushed him, someone snatched his toy, someone scold him. Yeap, that's my Justin boy.  Never get bullied. In fact he protects his older brother too :S.

Eh its been a long time I post my own picture in this blog hor? haha
yeah, that's Jayden and myself lying down on the floor and snapping our own photo.

and with the lil guy.

And then they got bored. Really bored... cos it's only the 2 of them. No sing song, No food, no play games, no birthday cake, no FUN!

Him and his fav fish toy.

Really pity him. That's the first time we didn't have a proper birthday party for my kids. I always told myself to at least have a small party for my kids cos when I was younger, no one remembers my birthday and  I hardly get any bday card or gift from friends cos it always falls on during school holidays. I felt so bad for not being able to give him a party due to some personal reasons (and it sucks!). So I thought  I wanted to bring him away to a holiday and celebrate but we're renovating our house at this period of time. So no traveling for us. *sigh*

P/S: Sorry Justin, probably next year you can celebrate with your friends in school yeah?

And later that night we went for dinner with my parents. My first sis and her hub came and joined us and they gave him this.
Cool ride right?. Of course he was very happy . But cannot play at home for now cos renovation and everywhere is so dirty. So gotto wait till reno stop in like 2 weeks time. *sigh*


  1. very nice car. whn renovation kau tim can Race lo

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  3. Though no party, but he has got a very nice present from his aunty and uncle. Kids are easy to be pleased. I am sure JT was all happy.

  4. ooo..Jay looks like a big boy in the photo. so handsome :) hey, it's ok not to have a big celebration for this year. as long as all 4 of you spent time together on this special day. i never can remember my birthday celebrations when i was a kid. err..maybe i didn't have any that's why..kakakakkaakka

  5. Happy belated Birthday Juntin sorry I am lated this year so sorry
    you look great andhandsome boy justin
    nice car .. lucky boy xxxxx

  6. aww.. so kesian the picture of them being bored! but thats one cool ride ok! damn, sasha, your renovatn sounds very major. dont forget to post before and after pictures once its done, ya!

  7. Happy Birthday Justin... love his smile :-) It's ok if no party, am sure they had lots of fun that day!