Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Woke up and went down to make milk for JD.
At the same time put clothes in, on the washing machine.
Came up, pass the milk bottle to him and wash up.
Then got him to wash up and get dressed for school.
Hub said he is not going for meeting, so I gotto send him to school. So I did.
Came back, ate breakfast, washed porch area.
Bathed dog.
Hang clothes to dry.
Cook Lunch.
Titi woke up. Make milk. Wipe bum for him. Changed him.
Sweep ground floor.
Mopped ground floor.
Cleaned kitchen.
Breath for a while.
Bath and get ready to pick JD.
Lunch. Clean up kitchen.
Revision/homework with JD.
Bath kids.
Come up and work on the same design since last week. Sit until bum also nearly died.
6 o'clock went to mums to have dinner.
Came back at 9.30, work samo.
10 plus get kids ready for bed.
Prepare milk, and pengsan by dunno what time.

Woke up.
Put clothes in washing machine.
Boil water.
Make milk.
Brush teeth and change clothes.
Pass milk and clothes to JD and asked him to get ready himself.
Came down to prepare lunch box for JD.
Sent him to school.
Came back, breakfast.
Wash porch area. 
Raining, cannot hang clothes. Put clothes in dryer.
Work start. Yeap, the same design since many days ago. Brain froze, needs CPR edi.
11.44 am. Justin woke up. Fed milk. Changed him.
Went to lunch with sister.
Traffic jam while on the way to pick JD.
Damn, very late edi.
Got there late, and they're about to hand him over to daycare but I got there in time. Saw the relieved face of Jayden who's about to cry.
Came home, put soup on stove to warm up.
Asked JD to do his homework and went up to check email from customer.
Totally forgot about the pot. Pot got burnt, total black.
Take things out from fridge and prepare new batch of soup and get stuff for dinner ready.
Go up and work samo.
Brain in ICU.
Work, Email sent. Replied, Change samo. Oxygen mask on.
Then email sent.
5 o'clock. Cooked fish and cooked rice. Soup ready.
Got upstairs. Looked around. Need to clean upstairs. House looked like tornado came and left.
Got the broom, swept, Mopped, arranged toys, sofa (oh yeah... sofa also can shift place, that's my kids), make the bed (again!)
Hub's back for dinner.
Serve dinner , ate with half body awake.
Cleaned up kitchen.
Bathed kids.
Bathed myself. Sat in Justin's big tub (not so big for me but heck, what I care. Nearly fall asleep in the tub. Washed hair and dragged myself to off my MAC only to see reply from customer. Amended some stuff and quickly send off email and off my MAC for good for the night.
Fold clothes while watching tv.
Make milk for kids, and went to faint on bed.

Dreamt that my other neighbour that I hardly talk with, came and told me :
Mrs Chan, your house hor.... very kao lat. Very messy hor?
I thought eh... how come u know wan? U never come into my house before ma
She said of course I know. I can see ma.. outside also the shoes is not in proper.
And your floor hor.... She used her leg to swipe the floor and can see that the floor had a big stain like as if never mopped for ages and its like oily. 
I said in shock BUT I JUST MOPPED WOR! how come like that????
Then she di di da da complained and complained about how dirty and messy my house is.
And in my dream, I just thought sei lor.. I cleaned and cleaned.. and still its messy and not good enough. Sigh, I need to use soap to wipe the floor, then wipe with water again, dunno have to wipe with water how many times only the soap can be removed.
And I woke up.

Wah very tiring. When I am awake I'm cleaning and working like robot. When I am sleeping, I kena sound for not cleaning and doing enough. It's just too tiring. Damn tiring. I know I am overworked. But gotto hang in there cos I need to finish this project a.s.a.p so I can take a break. Gambateh Sasha!


  1. First thing first, don't push yourself so hard. I can see you have potential to get depression.

  2. I think your are working too hard la babe!! Or either your neighbour is a real monster. Take a breather or get a PT maid? Eh how come no pic of your dog anymore?

  3. You are alraedy doing a good job. Don't think I can "work" like you. Why not hiring a part time helper to clean the house or invest in an irobot to help clean and mop the floor?

    Don't bother what other people said.,..most important is you have done your best..your very best..take some rest and you seriosly need a break...

    take care

  4. Hang in there dear, visualize the end result of your project, flawless it shall turn out to be,and makes it all all right.

    take care ya

  5. I hear you babe! I hear you.

  6. aiyo, sasha, if messy, let it be... clean those that u can't tahan...
    the rest close one eye.. u definitely have overworked and u must rest...
    if cooking can "1 pot cook" then 1 pot cook, if can use oven use la...
    not just abt 'me' time but u need to rest leh... u remind me of my late mother, and if u continue to work like this,
    people will heartache leh...
    she did exactly what u r doing now... always fell asleep in sofa, then got up mid of night shower, then back to sofa again, then woke up early in the morning, wash clothes, hang clothes, prepare breakie or lunch...
    later, at least she outsourced those bigger cum tougher job, those need to climb climb, stretch stretch type...
    she changed bedsheet every single week..
    and she's working...

    pls allow yourself to be lazy a bit

  7. Join in the Working Club! Sometimes i no eye see.. see no dust, feel no dust.. I AM SO LAZY!! moe ngan tai.. who wants to complain, let them come and help! kam sai lei, fatt moon also?

  8. You arre definitely overwork Sasha..Relax and chill a bit..Whoever that complain about your house being messy, ask them to come and clean it up for you..or get a cleaner to clean your house. -_-

    My son is only 2.5 yo..not yet go to school..and yet i only sweep and mop my house like once a week. My laundry I bring over to the laundry ppl but baby's clothes i handwash.


    All the best to you girl... hugs

  9. Omgosh u so stress until you think of cleaning!! I think u need to relax a little. Maybe get some help? Hire someone to clean once a week?

    How come you need to wash your porch so many times? Your dogs don't go to the bathroom in your yard? Maybe your hubby can help you?

    Hang in there... Scorpions are very tough!:)

  10. Claire is right. When you are out there working like some of us, you just NO EYE SEE if the floor is dirty or dusty or the sofa moved. Last time I was like you, here dirty cannot, there dirty cannot, pillow not in order cannot, but now, NO EYE SEE. Do what I can and that's it. My house now I only sweep and mop twice a week! Last time I also do it everyday if not every alternate day. Even twice a week I also find it hard to squeeze in the time. So relax la, dirty a bit never mind, kids won't die :-). And hor, I don't do laundry everyday leh, I do laundry for the kids twice a week and me and hubs only once a week. Again lor, no eye see.

  11. Sheoh Yan: thanks thanks.. but I know i have depression long time edi. controlling it now.

    Twin: replied u in fb edi :)

    baby Darren:we have the robot thinggy long time ago but since got caught with toys, spoilt edi. and dun wanna hire part time cleaner cos i think that i gotto supervise them for 4 hours, and i waste even more time and money . why not just clean when i can myself

    eugene: thanks bro

    mom2ash: same same

    choong + saewai + claire + kiasumom : nolah.. i dun clean everyday. i clean like once a week. mop also once a week. its only that the house is too messy then only i cannot tahan and must clean. otherwise i cannot think properly and i cannot work. so cluttered.

  12. aiyo...i got maid floor also full with toys, shoes outside house super messy, curtain changed once a year, bedsheets changed pro once a month???

    Don't care long i get the time to do what i like while maid tending the playing kids to prevent fights...

  13. Definitely overworked. Gotta learn to chill, Mai Kia. Like Choong said, pls let urself be lazy a bit. :)
    Seems like u've been burning pots lately. Maybe set the alarm on ur hp once u heat up something. U jes wudn't know wat wil distract u after that. And don't laugh at me. Even when I cook stuff in the thermal pot for 10 mins, I gotta put alarm as reminder.

  14. Hey! That sounds like my life!