Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet Child Of Mine

In the car, turning into the house's porch..

JT: Jayden, your bestfriend is home edi (saying that their daddy is home and dadi is Jayden's best friend)

JD: *quickly hold my hand and whisper* mami..I love you. You are my best friend.

Me: huh? hahhaha I thought your best friend is dadi?

JD: no... no.. *kiss hand* you're my best friend. I love you or not?

Me: love... Then who's dadi's best friend?

JD: *whisper * justin la...

Sweet fella. Always worried that I might get upset or angry.:)

This is him, doing his homework. Just got back from school, ate lunch and straight to homework and revision. Sometimes when I see that he is too sleepy, I'll ask him to go and take a nap first but he insists to do homework first then only rest.

Sometimes I just look at him and I give myself a good pat at the back. "Sasha, your screaming and tears all these while is paying off slowly..keep on the good work" . Sendiri praise sendiri you think? Of course ma! People will only pijak pijak and criticise when they see something wrong. But when you are doing something good they will praise the kid "GOOD BOY!". No one will say "GOOD MOMMY!" Right? hahhaha

Anyway, I'm just grateful that he is so good and hoping that Justin will follow his footsteps, cos Justin really look up to him as his idol. That's why I am extremely strict with Jayden.

P/S:I hope I don't jinx it.


  1. He is a good role model to Justin.

  2. Man,this Jayden sure will grow up to be CEO, COO and CFO one,so hard working,,, i am sure when Justin looks at him, he will say he just wants to be like him too..

    yup good boy and good mommy

  3. Jayden is a good boy, good role model. Fong sum, he'll grow up a fine young man. Two pats on mommy's shoulder.

  4. hehehe...does that makes u love him even more, when u compare the both of them?

  5. awww..he is indeed a very sweet boy. i can't agree more with the 'pijak' part! *hmmph*

  6. awww, good job mommy!!

  7. he is so sweet,its so touching! hahahaaaa i dont think u will jinx it

  8. no you won't jinx it.. he is really a sweet boy.. wish my screaming will pay off too :-)