Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mr Angin: Part "dunno what number edi"

Last Friday..
 Before we went for his class, he refused to wear underwear. He said he only wanna wear his jeans. So when I insisted that he put on his undie, he lied down on the staircase and refused to move and cried cried cried...

 So I said," fine. Don't go. I'm going to the class myself!" And he quickly rushed out but refused to wear his Blue crocs. Only wants red crocs. But I don't know where are the red ones, so I said "nevermind la.... wear blue lah..." and he scolded me "NO! I ONLY WANT RED SHOES!" I said fine.. "don't wear anything" and I went into the car. And of course he quickly put on blue shoes and hopped into the car.

And he slept in the car and woke up in class. And havoc again. Asked me why I removed his shoes for him. "I want to wear back my shoes !" "Fine. go and wear yourself" I said. He said "No. You must wear it back for me". I replied "Nope". So he went back out, put on the shoes and removed them again and came into the class. And he was a jolly dude in class.
And even jolly-ier when I bought him his colourful sprinkled donut for snack.

*put minyak angin and rub rub*


  1. I so feel u
    Cos P is also like that.

    Angin is good...nowadays weather very hot..we need to cool down...

    Hang in there.. *hugs*

  2. haha.. little J really got banyak angin ... next time let him read this blog, he would laugh at his angin episodes too..

  3. Next time remember don't buy two different color Croc,,,,,

  4. so cute ya....was wondering how come our boys behave like that? where do they get those special angin from ah?

  5. I agree with Eugene, give him only one option for now. Hehehehe!