Friday, August 19, 2011

Cheapest, Fastest And Easiest Play Dough Ever!

It's going to be school holiday, again! This time one week long. Although there's public holiday in between, there are some days where the kids will just spend the entire day playing the Ipad, watch Thomas DVD over and over again, and also mess the entire house and make you completely worn out by the time school restarts. 

Anyway, still got to plan some activities for them and also spend some quality time with them. Poor fellas, I think they felt they are being neglected. The older one said to me the other day "Why don't you just quit your job?!" My jaws dropped. Where did he learn such thing? Anyway, it's a wake up call for me. And then while I was thinking on what to do with them, suddenly Mott's 5min Play Dough just flew across.

playdough pic and recipe can be found here

I tell you, its super fast and easy (just mix everything and stir and chuck into the microwave!) and best of all its cheap. And the kids can just mix all the colours together and make crap colours at the end of it and you can just throw it away and make fresh batch whenever they wanna play again. These are the stuff we made just now. hhahahah Excuse the pic, cos I used my pathetic handphone camera.

left: my version of caterpillar and right: justin's version of caterpillar.

hahhaha it looks like a snake more right? Anyhow, just let him explore by himself and see what creative stuff he can make with more practice. Jayden had fun rolling his fav Blue playdough with the rolling pin and making shapes using my bento cutters. Since its so easy, this is going to be one of our activities this coming school holiday. :) Try it, you'll love it.


  1. Thanks Sasha. I failed cooking on stove the last time. hope this method works for me this time!

  2. Thanks for this lovely idea. I will surely try this holiday.

  3. hi,

    appreciate if u cld let me noe wat kinda coloring do u use?