Monday, August 01, 2011

Am I normal?

I used to think alot about this. Am I normal or not? Why is it so hard for me to cope with the housework when it seems like so easy for others. No one complains except me. Why ah? Am I lazy? Is it too hard? Is it, so many is its.

I opened my facebook and ppl are posting about holidays, happy moments, food, everything damn thing that happened. And I looked at mine and all I post about is my kids. Boring? I don't know. That's all I can talk about anyway. When I am at home, I sit down and I look at both my kids eating lunch. And they'll talk about Thomas all day. "You know why Gordon is so fast?" one asked. "Because he pulls the express trains!" another answered.  When my hub is home and having dinner, we looked at each other cos both our kids talk about trains again. And I asked him "feel like a stranger sharing a table at the restaurant? hehe welcome to the gang". I said "at least you can go out and talk to your customers and friends. Me? haha I talk to the wall" Noticed that housewives gather at the playground and they seems to talk and talk and talk? I don't blame them. Imagine, that's the only time u get to talk "LIVE".

Then I read this book, GoodNight Nobody. A housewife and a mum of 3 kids. When she was at the playground, looking at all mums yakking, all properly dressed, the kids all nice and happy. Their house are always speck clean with fresh flowers decorated. She wondered "why are they so perfect? Am I not normal?" Oh Bingo! I said. That's exactly how I felt.And I wonder and wonder...and then I saw one of my friend's FB status:

A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She's always well dressed, hair done. She never swears, behaves gracefully in all situations and all circumstances. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this as your status if you, too, have just realized that you might be a man.

haha funny ain't it? And then I remember this sentence that my aunt told me , she said her son (my cousin) said it to her "A neat house is not a cosy house". haha. To be honest I'm very scared to be in a house that is superbly neat, cos it looks like a showhouse with labels "DO NOT SIT" or "DO NOT TOUCH" sign. Once we went to another cousin's house and she bought some wood furniture and my son went and played train on the furniture and scratched it. Her face.. FUIYOH... and the mum can say "that chair is 5k you know?"  Staying in a house like that is really "heart attack". Better shrink wrap every human that goes into the house la, right? Anyway... what am i writing ah?  Oh yeah.

I think I am normal la but I am the kind that is expressive and not the kind that keeeep and keep everything and then diam diam cry at one corner.  If I wanna cry I will stand in the middle of the house and cry loud loud. Cos its my own house ma. It's not an easy task to get the house looking like a house with 2 boys around. People said that "cleaning the house with kids are like shoving snow while its snowing".  So I do what I can, when I can. Perfect , my house can never be. But cosy, is definitely.

P/S: sasha what talking you?????
P/S/S: muahahhaa I also dunno. I just wanna express what i feel inside. Can or not?


  1. Haha...i love your p/ss....
    it's ok. my house never perfect too. My husband always complain the house look like a ghost house and when Caleb - my son visit Genting next time he wont afraid to go into haunted house because he so got used to it already....

    Funny right? Cheers!

  2. Funny la you. I am like you too... always feel like I am not doing my best and then stress myself out crazy. It is ok to rant it once in a while, we need to get it out of the system :-)

    Those house with nice flowers, those are for show only. They only do it when they have guests.. hahahaha

  3. Hi, Sasha,
    I don't know you in person, just know you from your blog...
    but you're absolutely normal to me...
    if you're not normal, you won't be blogging (haha, talking about myself)
    maybe you're so stressed just because you're a bit of a perfectionist...
    i also talked a lot about my daughter in my chinese blog...
    and my tweets (on twitter/fb) is even darker...
    am i normal?? i guess i am...
    why does a house need to be sparkling clean??
    as long as your sons are not frequently sick, i think, you're just doing very very fine...

    just that, maybe you should not push yourself so hard on housework... just do some shortcut, and cheat :)

    but then, if you're back to sewing and design, then, that cannot have shortcut and cheat, haha...

    well... cleaning, cooking, laundering, can short cut one ma...
    once in a while, get somebody elses to do the major cleaning for you...

    it's not about money, it's not about who did the work,
    just to have a bit more time for yourself... (not your kids...)

    there're a lot others who look perfect and "real woman" outside (i mean, that's what they show people right??)
    you just don't know what's behind the closed doors...
    so, don't stress yourself up with something imaginary la...
    as long as you're happy...

    by the way, why do you cut down on coffee?? affecting your sleep???

  4. Haihz Sasha... my house also the same la.. in fact everytime my mom comes.. she's complains.... hahahaha.. so i tell her " I'm not built to do house work la" she just sighs..... sometimes it worries me.. and i start cleaning like crazy... then in the midst of cleaning one of my two devils would have "spoilt" the cleanliness i've just created.... which makes me SO angry with them.... when i come to my senses, i tell myself that they are children.. n house with children is supposed to look like this!!

  5. muahahahaahahahah....

    p/p/p/s : u got nice frowers now mah... tee hee..

  6. My house only gets fresh flowers during cny and/or maybe chor 1, sup 5. I like my house to be as clean as a whitle but even with helpers around I find that impossible to achieve. So, chill babe. We are all err.. Normal human living in a normal world. And yea.. I must admit. I'm one of those who yak at the playground too. :P

  7. The only time my house is presentable (unfold clothes in bedroom, floor sparkling clean, toys in store room) is when we have guests which are rare as we don't have house guests now. We'll meet outside. Haha...

    I guess I'm not normal too...

  8. I hv a maid n my hse is not super tidy n neat oso. How leh? Haiya... dun care lah. hahaha


    i always think the same thing. how come housechores seem so easy for everyone else but me????? am i the crazy one??

    your honesty is your best trait, my friend. don't change that! :D

  10. I love all your post so entertaining but so genuine! SAHM is not an easy task. As long as ure happy who cares about other ppl's hse. That's why I'm so jealous that ppl that live in Malaysia can easily hire a fulltime/part time maid. Wish I have the luxury here! Sigh..

  11. My house is so messy and unorganised that MIL said it is not norm wo... Well, she comments less liao, because she has given up... hahaha..

  12. Don't worry lar. You are perfectly normal ^-^

  13. hi sasha, I clean my house like a crazy woman also because I'm afraid my daughter will fall sick, and yet she fall sick now and then. so how? I stop blaming myself and both me and hubby look for other things to blame : the weather.
    As for your opinion on those sparkling nicely dress housewives, I don't think they clean the house themselves, their MAID did it. CHEERS!

  14. Sasha, I just think you are lacking of ME time.

  15. i love reading your FB n blogs.. it is not boring but very interesting...

    about home? my small apartment is in a big mess lar...

  16. I look at your FB/ Blog posts and i wonder. "whoa this woman, no maid but yet can do so many thing."

    I look at the photos u take with your house deco/ plants...and i think "Whoa..her house sooo nice!!! So creative!"

    The grass is always greener on the other side. For me, I don't share the miserable sides of me in public => something my mom taught, never wash your dirty laundry in public.. But it doesn't mean i don't have any. Actually LOTS. :D

    I believe many others are just the same.

    So the answer to your question, YES you are perfectly normal.

  17. with my maid, house also messy like mad because she is too busy with housework and kids. cannot imagine how mad my house will look like when she goes back for holiday, in another 3 weeks time!!

  18. i totally get this post (even though i'm not a mom) and yes, it's never wrong to express. honestly, i love the candidness in the way you write. it makes you so likeable and endearing (: (: stay strong and push on. i always say (to my mom) "God couldn't be everywhere, that's why he made moms." you're awesome, don't ever forget that! :D

  19. seriously, i always salute you on who you are.

    I can never be a real women who can speak well and keep smiling by staying at home with 2 kids. sighhh......

  20. Hi Sasha,
    I haven't been reading your blog as we've been busy moving but now I have sometime to catch up! You're still as funny as ever and I totally get you as you're so true to yourself (eventhough I've not met you and don't know you - technically). I liked what you said about 'shovelling when it's snowing'. I don't even do that here. I think there is more to life than cleaning, washing etc. even if we are SAHM. We need a balance but once a while, I will get into a cleaning frenzy and do lots and then you really feel like you've accomplished something (not like when you clean and have ur kids dirty it as you do). That's why sometimes I like having guests etc. Gives me a chance to prove to myself that I can do it! Hehehehe......but then I don't have much nice stuff in my house. In fact, most of what I have is hand-me-downs. The day I get my own nice stuff/ furniture will prob be the day when my kids are old enough to help in the house and appreciate what is there (not that they don't now but they just don't know use punishing them too much but instead try to instill good habits)! :) Keep up the craziness, woman! I salute you!